Money in China

This section contains information about the Chinese currency (the RMB); the best way to carry money and access funds in China; phone numbers to call and what to do if you lose your bank card; average costs and prices in China; and also information about counterfeit currency.

Chinese CurrencyChinese Currency

Information about the RMB, the currency of China, including its denominations and forms as well as approximate exchange rates… (Read More…)

Accessing MoneyAccessing Money

The best ways to access your money in China, with information about using ATMs, credit cards and exchanging foreign currency… (Read More…)

Lost Bank CardsLost Bank Cards

What to do if your bank card is lost or stolen while traveling in China. Emergency numbers to call and ways to get more money… (Read More…)

Costs and Prices

Average Costs and Prices

Information about the cost of travelling in China, along with a list of average prices for common items… (Read More…)

Counterfeit MoneyCounterfeit Money

Counterfeit money in China – how to identify it and precautions to take to prevent receiving any of it… (Read More…)