Post and Mail Services in China

China Post

The national postal service, China Post, is quite efficient. International delivery times for a letter or postcard are usually five or six days from the major cities (Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou) to North America, Europe or Australia. From other cities it can take up 10 days and from smaller cities and towns it can take even longer. Post within China is very quick – usually next day between the big cities.

China PostThe postal service is also quite cheap. It costs around ¥5 to send an international postcard or letter, while parcels are charged at around ¥100-150 for 1kg and ¥270-350 for 5kg, depending on which country you are posting to (the USA and Australia are cheapest, Europe costs more). Parcels take longer to arrive as they are held up with customs checks. Count on around two weeks delivery time for a small parcel.

China Post also offers an Express Mail Service (EMS) for both domestic and international delivery which guarantees delivery and even has an online tracking service. Generally it is much cheaper than using a courier service like UPS or DHL and is just as reliable. Parcels up to 500g cost around ¥240 to North America, ¥280 to Europe, ¥210 to Australasia and ¥180 to East Asia. More information about EMS and the services they offer can be found on their website.

China Post outlets are plentiful around the cities – you’ll even find them at airports and major hotels. However, only the large ones have the full range of services (parcel delivery, EMS, Western Union, etc) so if you need to do anything other than send off a postcard or letter you should head to an outlet in the city center. Boxes and packets for parcels are sold at China Post and sometimes you can pick up postcards and other items there as well. China Post outlets are generally open from 8am to 6pm but some have longer hours. China Post’s website (Chinese only).

Courier Services

The big four international courier services with a presence in China are DHL, UPS, Fedex and TNT. They have outlets in most big cities (see individual city guides for details) and offer parcel pick-up as well as delivery in the major cities. Although they are more expensive than China Post’s EMS service, they also offer faster delivery and there are some extra customer service benefits.

Has offices in more than 25 Chinese cities. TNT’s China Headquarters is in Shanghai:
Address: 288 Jiujiang Lu, 30th Floor (inside Hongyi Plaza).
Customer service hotline: 800 820 9868 (Toll Free).
TNT China’s Website

Has offices in more than 20 Chinese cities.
Customer Service Hotline: 800 820 8388 (Toll Free)
UPS China’s Website

Has offices in almost 20 cities in China. DHL’s China headquarters is in Beijing.
Address: 18 Ronghua Nan Lu, Daxing District.
Customer Service Hotline: 800 810 8000 (Toll Free)
DHL China’s Website

Has several offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.
Customer Service Hotline: 800 988 1888 (Toll Free)
FedEx China’s Website