Power and Sockets in China

Electricity in China is 220 Volts at 50Hz AC. If your appliance doesn’t accept such a supply then you will need to bring a voltage converter.

Chinese SocketPower outlets in China almost always have two types of sockets (see picture, right). The first is the American and Japanese-style socket with two flat, parallel blades. American and Japanese-style plugs will fit in these sockets. Though, there might be problems with the newer style appliances which have holes in the prongs (see comment from Li Hui below).

The second type is a slight variation on the Australian socket, with two diagonal blades in a ‘V’ shape and a vertical grounding blade. However, the pins are 1mm longer. Australian plugs will usually work in Chinese sockets, but occasionally they don’t fit properly.

Sometimes, Chinese sockets also accommodate European two-pronged plugs. It’s therefore possible that most people will be able to travel in China without any sort of adaptor. However, you can never really predict which type of sockets you will come across, so it’s a good idea to bring an adaptor for the American or Japanese style socket or a multi-socket adaptor just in case your plug won’t fit.

Remember that regardless of the socket type, the power supply in China is always 220V 50Hz.