Gate of Heavenly Peace

Adorned with the world-famous portrait of Chairman Mao, the Gate of Heaveny Peace stands across Chang’an Jie from Gate of Heavenly PeaceTiananmen Square and serves as the entrance to the Imperial City. First built in 1420, the gate was destroyed and rebuilt on several occasions, the most recent time being a secret complete reconstruction in 1970. It was from this gate on October 1st 1949, that Chairman Mao proclaimed the founding of the People’s Republic of China. The portrait of Mao was added after his death, while there are slogans to the left and right of the portrait. On the left it says, “Long Live the People’s Republic of China”, and the one on the right reads, “Long Live the Unity of the World’s People”. Ascending the Gate of Heavenly Peace allows sweeping views of Tiananmen Square and the interior is quite beautiful (though you’ll be encountering plenty of similar decoration inside the Forbidden City).

Admission: ¥25. Open: 8:30-16:30.

Directions: At the north of Tiananmen Square, a short walk from Tiananmen Dong subway station.