South Cathedral (Nan Tang)

Nan Tang (South Cathedral)The origins of the South Cathedral date from the start of the 17th Century, when the emperor granted prominent Italian Jesuit missionary Matteo Ricci the funds to have a chapel built on the spot. A German Jesuit named Adam Schall oversaw the construction of a church here in 1650. But the church was destroyed a couple of times so that the current cathedral dates from 1904. It’s a large, imposing structure the highlight of which is probably the small grotto with a statue of Mary outside. It also appears to be one of the most active Chinese Catholic churches in Beijing.

Admission: Free. Open: During Mass times and all day Sunday.

Address: 141 Qianmen Xi Dajie. Subway: Xuanwumen. Website:

Directions: The South Cathedral is on the north east corner of Xuanwumen intersection, right outside the subway.

Mass Times: Mon-Fri: 6am (Latin), 6:30am, 7:15am (Chinese); Sat: 6:30pm (Chinese); Sunday: 6am (Latin), 7am, 8:30am (Chinese), 10:30am, 4pm (English).

Show the taxi driver: 请带我去南堂,谢谢。地址:宣武区前门西大街141号(宣武门十字路口东北角)。 (Please take me to South Cathedral. Thank you.)