Beijing Nightlife Guide

Dance Clubs in Beijing

Mix Club
Mix Club, Beijing With a focus on hip-hop music, Mix is more of a western-style club in that there is actually space to dance here.
There are two rooms, with one playing hip-hop and the other electronic music. The club’s design is reasonably stylish with quality lighting and visual effects. The club has attracted some big-name international hip-hop DJs including Q-Bert. Prices are about standard for Beijing dance clubs: small, bottled beer is ¥30, spirits start at ¥35 and cocktails are around ¥45. The staff are quite good – they’ll even appear in a flash to light you cigarette, though they might singe your eyebrows while they’re doing it. Meanwhile, it features squat toilets and the bathroom attendants overwhelm you with soap and paper towels.
Ph. (010) 6530 2889 Open: 20:00-6:00
Address: Gongti Bei Lu, Workers Stadium North Gate Subway: Dongsishitiao
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去密克斯,谢谢。地址:工人体育场北门。
Vics Club
Vics Club, Beijing Vics is a fun and vibrant dance club featuring a stylish, opulent interior and hosting big-name foreign DJs on a regular basis.
The smaller room at Vics holds a bar, plentiful tables and couches and a small dance floor where patrons jive to the strains of trance and house. The larger room features a massive, pumping dance floor where the inebriated masses get down to hip-hop and R&B in front of a suitably stately stage and massive screen. Combined with quality acoustics and lighting effects, Vics is a hip and happening club by any standard. Drinks start at around ¥30 for bottled beer while most cocktails and spirits are in the ¥45-55 range. A good choice when you’re looking to boogey in Beijing.
Ph. (010) 5293 0333 Open: 20:30-late
Address: Gongti Bei Lu, Worker’s Stadium North Gate Subway: Dongsishitiao
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去威克斯,谢谢。地址:工人体育场北门。
Cargo Club
Cargo Club, Beijing With a quality music selection, nice lighting and a friendly crowd, Cargo is probably the pick of the Workers Stadium clubs.
However, some annoying features remain – minimum purchase amounts to sit at tables, rude staff, etc, but what can you do? Music is mainly house and the crowd are generally well-to-do but friendly. Standard Beijing club prices see bottled beers at ¥30, spirits from ¥35 and cocktails averaging ¥45.
Ph. (010) 6551 6898 Open: 20:00-5:00
Address: 6 Gongti Xi Lu Subway: Dongsishitiao
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去工体西路6号,谢谢。
Angel Club
Angel Club, Beijing Angel is one of those annoying, pretentious clubs where people go more to appear fashionable than to have a good time.
In fairness, Angel is a sleek and stylish club. It boasts an elaborate design with extravagant private rooms and lavish adornments. The club has also played host to some big-name foreign DJs including Judge Jules and Deep Dish but it’s usually local DJs spinning mainly progressive house. The dance floor is small and can become very crowded during big events. And at these times the club can be a lot of fun. On quieter nights, however, there’s a good chance that no one will be strutting their stuff on the floor at all. Drinks are standard club prices – ¥30 for bottled beer, ¥50 for cocktails and spirits. Angel might be worth a visit for checking out moneyed Chinese or during a big event.
Ph. (010) 6552 8888 Open: 21:00-5:00
Address: 6 Gongti Xi Lu Subway: Dongsishitiao
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去唐会,谢谢。地址:工体西路6号。