Beijing Restaurant Guide: Dining and Eating Out in Beijing

Beijing Cuisine Restaurants

Listed below are some of the best restaurants to sample local Beijing cuisine while in Beijing. Peking duck is a must try while in China’s capital while there are also some excellent restaurants serving Imperial Chinese food and home-style Beijing treats. All the restaurants below provide a dining experience as well as serving great food.

Quan Ju De Restaurant
Quan Ju De Restaurant, Beijing Quan Ju De is Beijing’s most famous roast duck restaurant, though not necessarily the best.
There are a number of outlets of the restaurant around the city, with the one just off Wangfujing Street the most convenient for tourists. Quan Ju De was first founded in 1864 and boasts an elegant if not beautiful interior, decorated in traditional Chinese style. Half a roast duck sells for ¥90 and is carved in front of you. There are also a variety of entrees from ¥35 ranging up to hundreds of RMB for more elaborate dishes. Lots of tour groups are taken here so they’re used to foreign guests, but the waiters still don’t speak much English.
Ph. (010) 6525 3310 Web: Open: 11:00-14:00; 16:30-20:30
Address: 90 Shuaifuyuan Hutong Subway: Wangfujing
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去全聚德,谢谢。地址:王府井帅府园胡同9号。
Da Dong Roast Duck Restaurant
Da Dong Roast Duck Restaurant, Beijing A classy venue to sample the signature Beijing dish, Da Dong Roast Duck has a modern stylish interior.
Although it can be difficult to get the attention of waiters (and their English can be poor) Da Dong is an essential experience for all visitors to Beijing. The menu is huge, with information about the history and origins of many of the meals. Meat-based mains range from ¥50-160 in price, but entree versions of all dishes are available for half the price. Meanwhile, seafood based mains can run up to ¥600 for special dishes. Wine costs ¥30-50 for a glass and beer starts at ¥20. But it’s no doubt the eponymous dish you’ll want to sample. A half duck costs ¥79, comes with bread, soup, a small dessert and fruit, and is carved up at your table by the chef.
Ph. (010) 5169 0329 Open: 11:00-22:00
Address: 22 Dongsishitiao (Nanxincang International Plaza) Subway: Dongsishitiao
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去大董烤鸭店,谢谢。地址:东四十条甲22号南新仓国际大厦1-2楼。
Fangshan Restaurant
Fangshan Restaurant, Beijing The exquisite Fangshan Restaurant, located on the island in Beihai Park, serves Imperial Chinese cuisine.
The restaurant is spread over several halls in a traditional courtyard complex, with intricate patterns adorning the walls. Waitresses wear traditional clothing and service is excellent. On the menu are a range of set meals starting at ¥200 per person. The set meals include a minimum of nine courses. Some of the dishes might not be to everyone’s liking (camel penis, etc), but you do have some limited scope to choose which of the dishes you want from the set menu. Fangshan might be pricey by Beijing standards, but it’s guaranteed to be a memorable experience.
Address: 1 Wenlin Jie (inside Beihai Park) Ph. (010) 6401 1889 Open: 11:00-14:00; 17:00-20:00
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去仿膳饭庄,谢谢。地址:文津街1号北海公园东门内。
Red Capital Club Restaurant
Red Capital Club Restaurant, Beijing Red Capital Club is a fun restaurant set in a traditional courtyard house and featuring a revolutionary theme.
The waitstaff are dressed up in revolutionary garb and pictures of Mao adorn the walls. The cuisine is Imperial Chinese and each item on the menu comes with a description linking it to a famous Communist Party figure or Revolutionary incident. Reading the menu is a pleasure in itself – they even find a way to link Australian wine in with the theme. The meals themselves are perhaps are little bland but are definitely filling. Main courses start at around ¥70 and an average bill should come to about ¥200 per person. Be sure to check out the Red Flag limousine parked in the alley outside the restaurant.
Ph. (010) 6402 7150 Web: Open: 18:00-23:00
Address: 66 Dongsijiutiao (Dongsi 9 Tiao) Subway: Zhangzizhong Lu
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去新红资俱乐部,谢谢。地址:东四九条66号。
Xiao Wang Fu’s Home Restaurant
Xiao Wang Fu Restaurant, Beijing The fresh-looking Xiao Wang Fu’s Home Restaurant enjoys a very good reputation for its home-style Chinese cuisine.
Situated just inside the north gate of Ritan Park, the restaurant has a peaceful outlook. The menu has a wealth of options to choose from with prices around ¥40 for most dishes, though there are some far more expensive meals on offer. However, the food can be a bit hit-and-miss – depending on what you order you might think Xiao Wang Fu’s is an outstanding restaurant or an ordinary one. Well-trained waiters and a pleasant interior (as opposed to the usual bland decoration of Chinese restaurants) are a plus.
Ph. (010) 8561 7859 Open: 11:00-14:30; 17:00-22:00
Address: Inside the north gate of Ritan Park Subway: Chaoyangmen
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去小王府,谢谢。地址:日坛路日坛公园北门内。