Beijing Restaurant Guide:
Dining and Eating Out in Beijing

European Restaurants in Beijing

Alameda Restaurant, Beijing A perennial favorite with Beijing expats, Alameda offers excellent food in a simple but stylish environment.
Billed as a modern Brazilian restaurant, the ever-changing menu offers many dishes with a European and Asian accent. The set lunch menu is good value at just ¥60 while the set dinner menu is pricier but provides three courses of generous portions for ¥158. There are enough options to choose from for each course that you’re bound to find something to your liking. Whatever steak they offer when you visit is a good bet. Chic design makes great use of natural light, although the tables are packed in a little too tightly to allow for intimate dining.
Ph. (010) 6417 8084 Open: 12:00-15:00; 18:00-22:30
Address: Sanlitun Lu (inside Nali Mall) Subway: Tuanjiehu
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去三里屯路那里服装市场,谢谢。
The Courtyard
Courtyard Restaurant, Beijing The Courtyard is a highly (over) rated restaurant that has little to offer other than pretense and a decent outlook.
The Courtyard really seems out of place in Beijing. Even with average prices of ¥200 for a main course, The Courtyard might be okay if it was better executed. The meals, while beautifully presented, are mediocre and portions are small. Meals are a fusion of Chinese, Middle Eastern and European cuisines. The Courtyard’s interior is pleasant but they could have done a lot more with it. Instead they seem to rely on the view of the east gate of the Forbidden City, which is quite nice but becomes dull after a while. On the bright side, the restaurant does boast impeccable service and a lovely, cozy bar on the top floor.
Ph. (010) 6526 8883 Web: Open: 18:00-22:00
Address: 95 Donghuamen Dajie Subway: Tiananmen Dong
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去四合苑,谢谢。地址:东华门大街95号。
Vineyard Cafe
Vineyard Cafe, Beijing Vineyard Cafe, a simple restaurant that serves very satisfying food, lies in a quiet hutong not far from the Lama Temple.
The menu is awash with various European dishes. The Vineyard’s pizzas are particularly good, with the personal variety costing around ¥50 while a large pizza costs ¥60-70. Also on offer are pastas, steaks, burgers, seafood dishes and even some British-Indian cuisine. The Vineyard Cafe also boasts an extensive selection of wines at reasonable prices and hosts the odd wine tasting event. A major drawcard is the full English breakfasts on weekends – one of the few places in Beijing where you can get them! The interior is simple but cozy, while the courtyard area is a lovely place to dine when the weather is fine.
Ph. (010) 6402 7961 Web: Open: 11:30-23:30
Address: 31 Wudaoying Hutong Subway: Yonghegong (Lama Temple)
Directions: Heading south along Yonghegong Dajie from the 2nd Ring Road, Wudaoying Hutong is the first lane on your right.
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去葡萄院儿,谢谢。地址:五道营胡同31号,雍和宫桥南。
The Olive Cafe
Olive Restaurant, Beijing The Olive serves up fresh Mediterranean food in a subdued environment.
The restaurant boasts a simple but pleasant design with a number of rooms holding a few tables each. The basic, sedate white and light green motif suggests healthiness and the food does not disappoint. The meals are nothing extravagant but the quality of the products is unquestionable. Light and scrumptious sandwiches cost ¥40-45 while heavier meat or fish-based mains mostly cost ¥65 RMB (the ¥95 steak is the exception). Drinks are also reasonably priced with beer from ¥20-30, wine averaging ¥230 per bottle and coffee at ¥20-25. The three-course set lunch is a bargain at ¥68.
Address: 17 Gongti Bei Lu Subway: Dongsishitiao Ph. (010) 6417 9669 Open: 10:30-22:00
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去橄榄树西餐厅,谢谢。地址:工体北路17号 (工人体育场北门对面)。
Traktir Pushkin
Traktir Pushkin Restaurant, Beijing Located near the enormous Russian embassy, Traktir Pushkin boasts an extensive menu of classic Russian dishes.
There are plenty of salads, soups and other appetizers to choose from. Main courses range from ¥18 for golubtsy up to ¥100 for sturgeon. Most hearty meat-based dishes cost a little less than ¥50. For drinks, the full range of Baltika beers are on offer at ¥25 for a half liter. Traktir Pushkin features cute, homely, ‘authentic’ Russian-style decoration and Russian pop music plays in the background. However, the waitresses are too friendly for the restaurant to seem truly authentic. But slow food service helps to make you feel like you’re in Russia.
Address: 5-15 Dongzhimennei Dajie Subway: Dongzhimen Ph. (010) 8407 8158 Open: 11:00-0:00
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去彼得堡西餐厅,谢谢。地址:东直门内大街5-15号。
White Nights
White Nights Restaurant, Beijing White Nights is a decent restaurant serving no-nonsense Russian fare at very reasonable prices.
A two-storey wooden structure on a serene street, White Nights might call to mind a dacha if it were more run-down. The extensive menu features all the Russian classics at prices starting from just ¥18 and running up to just over ¥100 for the more expensive steaks. An average main course costs no more than ¥35 while salads and starters are even cheaper. The Baltika brews are the highlight of the drinks menu at ¥25. Average service and adequate food rounds out the experience – one which isn’t overly memorable but is satisfying enough.
Ph. (010) 8402 9595 Open: 11:00-0:00
Address: 13 Beizhong Jie (off Dongzhimennei Dajie) Subway: Dongzhimen
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去白夜,谢谢。地址:东直门内北中街13号。
Hutong Pizza
Hutong Pizza Restaurant, Beijing Highly rated pizza joint tucked away in an alley near Houhai Lake, Hutong Pizza is a pleasant place to relax with reliable food.
There are a fair list of pizzas on offer with the smaller size (meant for 1 or 2 people) priced between ¥50 and ¥60, while the larger sized pizzas (feeds 2-4 people) cost ¥90–110. There are also calzone varieties available for ¥30-40 for customers who are only a tad peckish. Hutong Pizza also serves up above average burgers (¥35) and pastas (¥40). The courtyard area features a pleasant fish pond and the sounds of running water but due to the plastic roof can become unbearably hot. Inside, the interior does nothing to excite. Cheap draught beer and tasty milkshakes are also on the menu.
Address: 9 Yindingqiao Hutong Ph. (010) 6617 5916 Open: 12:00-23:30
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去胡同比萨,谢谢。地址:银锭桥胡同9号(后海)。
The Tree
The Tree Restaurant, Beijing The Tree is a popular restaurant and bar best known for its wood-fired pizzas and selection of more than 40 Belgian beers.
The beers range in price from ¥30 per bottle all the way up ¥145. There are also four beers on tap including Hoegaarden and Irish Stout. Meanwhile, the varied assortment of pizzas on offer cost between ¥45 and ¥70 and are big enough to feed two people (as long as you’re not starving). The Tree also offers some Belgian dishes including stews (¥40-50) and steaks (average ¥90). The delicious food is complemented by a superb interior decorated with assorted knickknacks, faux antiques and revealing artwork, all of which is housed in a charming cellar-style edifice. The service is friendly and efficient even if they do seem a little frazzled.
Ph. (010) 6415 1954 Web: Open: 10:00-2:00
Address: 43 Bei Sanlitun Nan Subway: Tuanjiehu
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去隐蔽的树,谢谢。地址:北三里屯南43号 (三里屯酒吧街西100米)。