Chengdu Attractions:
Sightseeing in Chengdu

Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding (大熊猫繁育研究基地)
This is without a doubt the major tourist attraction in a city that is, at least from a tourist’s perspective, synonymous with the panda… (Read More…)
Admission: ¥58. Open: 7:30-18:00.
Tel: +86 (028) 8353 3816. Website:
Directions: Hostels and hotels run tours starting at ¥80…

Wenshu Monastery (文殊院)
This sprawling Buddhist monastery and temple is a truly fascinating place due principally to the amount of activity going on here… (Read More…)
Admission: ¥5. Open: 8:00-18:00.
Address: 15 Wenshu Yuan Jie (east off Renmin Zhong Lu). Tel: +86 (028) 8693 2375.

Tomb of Wang Jian (Yongling Mausoleum) (王建墓)
Wang Jian (847-918) was a general who established the Shu Kingdom at the fall of the Tang Dynasty in 907 as one of the 10 Kingdoms of the Five Dynasties period… (Read More…)
Admission: ¥30. Open: 8:00-17:00.
Tel: +86 (028) 8778 9003. Address: 10 Yongling Lu

Wuhou Shrine (武侯祠)
The Wuhou Memorial Shrine is perhaps Chengdu’s most popular tourist attraction for Chinese visitors. However, most foreign visitors will probably be unimpressed and somewhat bewildered by this sprawling complex… (Read More…)
Admission: ¥60. Open: 8:00-18:30 (later in summer).
Address: 231 Wuhouci Dajie. Website:

Green Ram Temple (Qingyang Taoist Temple) (青羊宫)
One of the most atmospheric and fascinating Taoist temples you are likely to find in China, the Green Ram Temple appears mysterious and almost other-worldly underneath Chengdu’s perennial mists… (Read More…)
Admission: ¥10. Open: 8:00-18:00.
Directions: The Green Ram Temple is on Qingyang Lu.

Jinsha Site MuseumJinsha Site Museum (金沙遗址博物馆)
The sprawling Jinsha Site Museum features a ho-hum excavation site and a very impressive, modern museum. It’s an interesting place to visit, though perhaps not quite worth the effort it takes to get there… (Read More…)
Admission: ¥80. Open: 8:00-18:00.
Directions: In Chengdu’s west between the 2nd and 3rd ring roads.

Jinli Street (经理)
Opened in 2004, although this is essentially a prefab strip of faux Qing-era buildings, there is still something very charming about Jinli Street… (Read More…)
Directions: Jinli Street runs basically along the east side of the Wuhou Shrine, off Wuhouci Dajie.

Qintai Street (琴台路)
Another of the prefab strips that appear to be so popular in Chengdu, Qintai Street is another successful venture into Qing-era architectural ensembles… (Read More…)
Directions: Qintai Lu is just east of the Green Ram Temple. From the temple entrance, head east along Qingyang Jie until you see Qintai Lu on the left.

Tianfu Square (天府广场)
Surrounded by the Soviet-style Chengdu Municipal Government Building to the north and by department stores on just about every other side, the spacious and audacious Tianfu Square makes for a dignified city center. Recently spruced up… (Read More…)
Directions: Tianfu Square is in the very center of Chengdu.

Chunxi Lu (春熙路)
Chengdu’s biggest and brightest pedestrian shopping mall, Chunxi Lu is a surprisingly upmarket strip of shops and department stores. Something about Chunxi Lu makes it seem classier than its counterparts in other Chinese cities… (Read More…)
Directions: Chunxi Lu runs between Zongfu and Shangdong Streets.

People’s Park (人民公园)
The central park of Chengdu is beautifully landscaped with plenty of eye-catching activity and a few secluded areas of respite. While the lakes, rockeries, dense shrubs and stone bridges create a picturesque scene… (Read More…)
Directions: People’s park is located just west of Tianfu Square. Walk west from either the north or south end of the square to get there.