Chunxi Lu

Chengdu’s biggest and brightest pedestrian shopping mall, Chunxi Lu is a surprisingly upmarket strip of shops and department stores. Something about Chunxi Lu makes it seem classier than its counterparts in other Chinese cities: it might be the tasteful architecture, or the wide, well-paved street, or perhaps that they have shown some restraint in their use of neon. Whatever the case, this is a pleasant place for shopping or strolling, with a number of nice cafes for rest stops. Be sure to check out the statue of Sun Yatsen at the southern end of the street, which is always a photo favorite.

Directions: Chunxi Lu runs on a slight north-east to south-west angle between Zongfu and Shangdong Streets. To get there: walk east along Renmin Dong Lu from Tianfu Square, keep going as this street makes a slight turn and changes its name to Zongfu Lu. Chunxi Lu is on the right.

Show the taxi driver: 请带我去春熙路, 谢谢。 (Please take me to Chunxi Lu. Thank you.)