Luxury Hotels in Chengdu (5-Star Hotels)

Crowne Plaza Hotel Chengdu Editor Pick!
Crowne Plaza Hotel, Chengdu The Crowne Plaza Hotel is the best high-end hotel choice in Chengdu, both in terms of location and standard.
The Crowne Plaza Hotel is brilliantly positioned to the east of Tianfu Square. Rooms are what you’d expect – suitably plush and quite large. The surprising feature is the prices, with superior (standard) rooms regular discounted to just over $100 – about half the price of rival hotels such as the Sheraton and Sofitel. All rooms feature free internet access and the hotel boasts four restaurants and a 25th floor bar with a great view. Staff have a good command of English and are less haughty than at similar hotels.
Address: 31 Zongfu Jie Web: Ph. (028) 8678 6666
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去总府皇冠假日酒店,谢谢。地址:总府街31号。
Yinhe Dynasty Hotel
Yinhe Dynasty Hotel, Chengdu The Yinhe Dynasty Hotel seems targeted more towards Chinese travelers than foreigners.
At least that is the only plausible explanation for the appalling level of English spoken at a hotel of this class. Three great features are the location (just east of Tianfu Square), the imposing entrance with massive panda engraving, and the great Sichuan cuisine restaurant. But possibly none of those features are enough to justify paying around $80 for a large, but somewhat worn-out looking deluxe room. If you don’t stay at the Yinhe Dynasty Hotel, it’s still well worth coming to eat at the restaurant.
Address: 88 Shuncheng Dajie Web: Ph. (028) 8661 8888
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去银河王朝大酒店,谢谢。地址:顺城大街88号。
Prime Hotel
Prime Hotel, Chengdu The Prime Hotel has some of the nicest rooms you will find at any hotel in Chengdu.
Even their cheapest four-star room ($45 discount rate) is large, very modern and has a balcony. Although they claim to be a five-star hotel, the Prime Hotel is actually a four-star establishment. They get away with their spurious claim by offering both four-star and five-star rooms, but the facilities aren’t up to scratch for a five-star hotel. The location is nice – right near the Chunxi Lu pedestrian mall. Bellboys and reception staff speak English at the same level, which is quite a high level for the bellboys but definitely below-par for reception staff.
Address: 8 Zongfu Jie Ph. (028) 8666 6168
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去紫微酒店,谢谢。地址:总府街8号。

Mid-Range Hotels in Chengdu (3 and 4-Star Hotels)

Wenjun Mansion Hotel Editor Pick!
Wenjun Mansion Hotel, Chengdu Wenjun Mansion is a delightful hotel located on one of the most atmospheric streets of Chengdu.
The Wenjun Mansion Hotel is housed in a three-storey wooden building built around a courtyard. There are a variety of double, twin and triple rooms available in both Chinese and Western style. The standard Chinese twin costs ¥240, while the Western standard twin is ¥220. A number of larger rooms are available and there are also a few dorm beds for ¥40. Go for the Chinese rooms – the size, facilities and comfort level are the same, but the Chinese-style rooms have a lot more character. Staff speak very good English, are helpful and friendly.
Address: 180 Qintai Lu Web: Ph. (028) 8613 8884
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去梦之旅文君楼宾馆,谢谢。地址:琴台路180号。
Sichuan Hotel
Although it has some great facilities, the Sichuan Hotel doesn’t do enough to justify its rates of around $75 for a standard room.
The Sichuan Hotel shares an entrance with the excellent five-star Crowne Plaza Hotel and boasts some very impressive facilities for a hotel of this class. The somewhat claustrophobic lobby area belies the presence of conference facilities, business center, fitness center, swimming pool, sauna, bar and restaurant within. The standard rooms aren’t particularly large but come equipped with the usual bells and whistles including internet connection, telephone and a few foreign-language TV channels. Great location and friendly staff.
Address: 31 Zongfu Jie Web: Ph. (028) 8675 5555
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去四川宾馆,谢谢。地址:总府街31号。
Xin Liang Hotel
Xin Liang Hotel, Chengdu The best thing about the Xin Liang Hotel is the aesthetics of the rooms, which are large and boast impressive views.
The whole hotel has a clean, modern feel. However, some patrons might be nonplussed by the service which isn’t so much unhelpful as meek. It seems that rather than show their poor level of English, staff will simply pretend they understand and then not do what you asked for. Otherwise, the Xin Liang is a very reasonable hotel with a great location about five minutes walk from Tianfu Square. The advertised rack rate for a standard room is a ridiculous ¥980, but you should be able to book for a good value $60.
Address: 53 Shangdong Dajie Web: Ph. (028) 8673 9999
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去新良大酒店,谢谢。地址:上东大街53号。

Youth Hostels in Chengdu

Mix Hostel Editor Pick!
Mix Hostel, Chengdu Mix Hostel is filled with life: it would be difficult to find a hostel in all of China that is more conducive to meeting other travelers.
Mix Hostel is run by a very enthusiastic and friendly team. You can see they are really trying to create a great hostel. There are all manner of facilities here – including free wireless internet and a restaurant serving good, cheap western food. Moreover, the hostel has a cool, funky design. Rooms are basic but comfortable and very cheap. Dorm beds start at a lowly ¥15 while private singles are ¥50 and twins are ¥70. You can also book a 3-star standard room in the hotel across the street and have access to all the facilities in the hostel proper.
Address: 23 Renjiawan, Xinghui Xi Lu Web: Ph. (028) 8322 2271
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去驴友记青年旅舍,谢谢。地址:星辉西路任家湾23号。
Loft Hostel
Loft Hostel, Chengdu While the Loft Hostel features a cool design and couldn’t be called a bad hostel, you can definitely do better elsewhere.
Built in a former printing factory, the rooms at Loft Hostel have a cool brick and bare-wood design. Other good features include free hi-speed internet access in the rooms, a big bar with pool table, and the adjoined Cafe Copenhagen which serves some great food. On the downside, cleanliness in the bathrooms (both shared and private) is a serious issue here. Meanwhile, the staff, while not rude, don’t go out of their way to be friendly or welcoming. Private rooms are ¥180 (ensuite) or ¥120 (shared bathroom) and dorm beds are ¥40.
Address: 4 Tongren Lu, Xiaotong Xiang Web: Ph. (028) 8626 5770
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去四号工厂青年旅馆,谢谢。地址:中同仁路, 小通巷四号。
Sam’s Guesthouse
Sam's Guesthouse, Chengdu Sam’s Guesthouse is more of a budget hotel than a hostel – it actually inhabits a wing of a hotel complex.
Chances to meet other travelers are therefore limited and there are no dorm rooms. But this might make it a good choice for older travelers seeking budget accommodation and Sam’s has the most central location of any hostel in town (not far south-west of Tianfu Square). The single (¥100), twin and double (¥160) rooms all have private bathrooms and are spacious, although they are very basic and the bathrooms are stained. Sam’s also maintains an excellent reputation for the quality of tours they offer, especially their Tibet tours.
Address: 130 Shanxi Jie Web: Ph. (028) 8611 8322
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去山姆青年客栈,谢谢。地址:陕西街130号。