Restaurants in Chengdu

Dexing Restaurant
Dexing Restaurant, Chengdu Dexing is a classy restaurant offering delicious dishes from across the gamut of the Chinese culinary experience.
Many dishes are infused with the local flavor, but the focus is Cantonese. Dexing is an elegant restaurant, from its impeccably groomed wait staff to its use of proper table settings. The fresh, vibrant interior is complemented by the picture windows that run the length of the restaurant, looking across to the Crowne Plaza Holiday Inn and down to the bustling Zongfu Lu some four storeys below. There’s something for everyone on the menu – from intensely spicy to mild and from dishes well-known in the West (such as beef with black pepper sauce) to more mind-boggling concoctions. Main courses are largely in the ¥35-45 range.
Address: 20 Zongfu Lu, 4th Floor Ph. (028) 8678 8888 Web:
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去德兴酒楼,谢谢。地址:总府路20号世都大厦四–九层。
The Bookworm, Chengdu
The Bookworm, Chengdu The Chengdu Bookworm was the first branch of the popular Beijing restaurant, bar and lending library to open in China.
It follows basically the same format but, if anything, has an even more quaint and charming character. The menu has a focus on freshness, with a variety of salads, sandwiches, steaks and pastas made with quality ingredients and averaging around ¥40. They host live music every Friday and Saturday night as well as a slew of other events (check the website for details). And, of course, there are the books – a collection of over 5000 to lend as well as a selection to buy. One of the handiest items they sell is a small handbook with the Chinese address of every place you could wish to go to in Chengdu.
Address: 28, Renmin Nan Lu, Section 4 Ph. (028) 8552 0177 Web:
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去老书虫,谢谢。地址:人民南路四段28号。
Zoe’s BBQ Restaurant
Zoes BBQ Restaurant, Chengdu A very popular restaurant with Chengdu expats, Zoe’s BBQ will satiate any craving for western-style food.
The tasty breakfast options starting at a mere ¥19 for bacon and eggs are a big drawcard. But it’s probably the barbecue options, including pork ribs and beef tenderloin, that attract most visitors. These meals are served with fries, salad and vegetables for a maximum of only ¥50. There are similarly cheap pizzas, pastas, burgers and sandwiches on offer. The food isn’t spectacular, but at these prices it would be remiss to complain. The friendly owners of Zoe’s BBQ actually named the restaurant after their much admired former English teacher.
Address: 30 Renmin Nan Lu, Section 4 Ph. (028) 8559 3345
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去爱舍西餐,谢谢。地址:人民南路四段30号。
Cafe Copenhagen
Cafe Copenhagen, Chengdu Run by a real Dane, Cafe Copenhagen serves decent Western food in a laid-back atmosphere.
Although much of the cafe’s business comes from the adjoined Loft Hostel, it manages to stay slightly more upscale than a standard backpacker dive with a fairly subdued and tasteful interior and matching background music. Meals are very cheap with steaks at the incredibly low price of ¥45. Sure, it’s not the best quality cut you’ll ever taste, but they do the job. There are also pastas and pizzas on the menu and good quality western breakfasts – both American and European – for ¥20. The only downside to the cafe is that some of the staff speak very poor English and service levels tend to drop off dramatically when the owner isn’t around.
Address: 4 Tongren Lu, Xiaotong Xiang Ph. (028) 6616 5410
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去哥本哈根,谢谢。地址:同仁路小通巷 4号。
Swensen’s Ice Cream Restaurant
Swensens Restaurant, Chengdu One of few western restaurants in Chengdu’s center, Swensen’s provides refuge to any visitor eager for some respite from fiery Sichuan fare.
The Chengdu branch of this international chain which began in San Francisco, specializes in all sorts of ice cream concoctions (starting at around ¥50), but also offers a fine menu of American-style fare. Burgers are priced around ¥50, while the grilled fish is delicious and costs ¥45. Steaks are reasonably priced, starting at ¥90. Beer is around the ¥25 mark. But the best thing about Swensen’s is its location on a delightful alley off the busy and brightly lit Chunxi Lu. Grab one of the few outdoor tables and eat in the lane when the weather is good. The service can be over-bearing.
Address: 8 Jinghua Guan Ph. (028) 8665 5578
Directions: Jinghua Guan is a small alley that runs east off the northern end of Chunxi Lu.
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去双胜冰淇淋西餐厅,谢谢。地址:春熙路锦华馆8号。