Public Transport in Chengdu

Getting Around Chengdu By Taxi

With the tourist sites a little too spread out to handle on foot and in the absence of a comprehensive subway system, taxi is the most convenient way to traverse Chengdu. Dedicated taxi stands are placed at regular intervals and labeled in English, but you can usually hail a cab from anywhere. To avoid communication problems, take the names of your destinations written in Chinese and show these to the taxi drivers. Make use of our “Show the taxi driver” notes below all places mentioned in our guide. It will make getting around Chengdu by taxi much easier.

Flagfall in Chengdu is a mere ¥5, which covers the first 1km. Each additional kilometer costs ¥1.4. When you pay, you need to add an additional ¥1 to the price shown on the meter as a fuel tax. Prices are slightly higher at night and if you flag down one of the newer taxis, which are slowly replacing the dominant old fleet.

Getting Around Chengdu By Subway

The first line of the Chengdu subway opened in October 2010. It runs north-south along Renmin Lu, connecting the north and south train stations with a Tianfu Square station providing the epicenter. A more comprehensive system is planned for the future.

For now the most useful stations for tourists are the ones mentioned above (for the railway stations and Tianfu Square), plus the stop at Wenshu Monastery. The Jinjiang Hotel station gets you pretty close to the airport bus stop at the Minshan Hotel.

Getting Around Chengdu By Bus

Trying to decipher the bus system is probably more hassle than it’s worth. But those determined to take public transport will pay ¥1 per trip within the Chengdu center on regular buses or ¥2 for the modern, air-conditioned buses. Some useful buses include #16 which runs from the main train station, all the way down Renmin Lu to the south train station; Bus #34 which starts at the main train station, then does a loop around the 1st Ring Road in a clockwise direction while Bus #27 does the same route anti-clockwise; Bus #4 runs between Chadianzi and Wuguiqiao Bus Stations via the city center (it can be caught on Renmin Dong Lu or Zongfu Lu); Bus #26 from Tianfu Square to Wuhou Shrine; Bus #48 from Shuncheng Dajie to the Yongling Mausoleum; and Bus #81 runs from the north of Tianfu Square to the north end of Qintai Lu (near the Green Ram Temple).

Getting Around Chengdu By Bicycle

The streets of Chengdu aren’t exactly ideal for bike-riding, but the traffic isn’t bad enough to make it impossible. You can rent bikes from any hostel in the city.