Arhat Temple

The Arhat Temple is not worth visiting unless you’re a fundamentalist temple fanatic. Luohansi Jie, an alley in Chongqing’s cityArhat Templecenter which leads up to the temple, is a gauntlet of beggars. After negotiating them and purchasing a ticket, you enter a path with rock carvings on either side. The carvings are quite beautiful and definitely the highlight of the visit. The temple itself is a ho-hum, stock standard affair and some of the staff are downright rude, though there’s a nice lady who will load you up with free incense sticks. The temple’s pride are the 400 or so (some claim there are more than 500 – it probably doesn’t matter) clay arhat figures. The Arhat Temple dates back to the Northern Song Dynasty, but the modern edifice and most of the artifacts it holds are 20th Century creations.

Admission: ¥10. Open: 8:00-18:00.

Address: 1 Luohansi Jie. Tel: +86 (023) 6371 3371

Directions: From Jiefangbei, walk north-east along Minzu Lu and turn right at the end of the street. Keep going straight and you will come to Luohansi Jie just after you pass Carrefour.

Show the taxi driver: 请带我去罗汉寺, 谢谢。     (Please take me to Arhat Temple. Thank you).