Hongyadong Cultural Center

HongYaDong Cultural CenterThis 11 storey shopping and dining complex built in the traditional Chongqing Diaojiaolou architectural style and clinging to the hill by the Jialing River is an impressive structure. While much of the building has yet to be filled with tenants, there is still a lot of activity. On the lower levels are the souvenir shops as well as a few bars and clubs, while the upper levels with their lovely river views feature some good restaurants.

Address: 56 Cangbai Lu. Tel: +86 (023) 6303 9066.

Directions: From Jiefanbei, head up Minzu Lu and turn left onto Cangbai Lu at the end of the street.

Show the taxi driver: 请带我去洪崖洞, 谢谢。      (Please take me to Hongyadong. Thank you.)