Jiefangbei (The Liberation Monument)

It’s not much of a sight in itself but is useful as a landmark for Chongqing’s commercial center. The 27.5m structure, which sort of Jiefangbei at Nightresembles a lighthouse, was erected in 1945 as a monument to victory over the Japanese. Originally known as the Monument of Victory in the War of Resistance, it was later renamed to express more general liberation sentiments. Of more interest is the surrounding pedestrian mall. Starting from the square surrounding the monument and stretching down the four streets the branch off the square, the area is a symphony of department stores and high-end hotels which blazes with neon at night. It’s also where you’ll find pretty much the only Western food in Chongqing.

Show the taxi driver: 请带我去解放碑, 谢谢。       (Please take me to Jiefangbei. Thank you.)