Kuomintang – SACO Prisons

A bit of revolutionary history here with a couple of prisons that were used by the Kuomintang (with a touch of US-backing through Kuomintang Prisonsthe Sino-American Cooperation Organisation) to detain and execute communists. The two main prisons are Baigong Guan (白公馆) and Zhazi Dong (渣滓洞). The two prisons are a little over 1km apart. If you only want to visit one of them, Baigong Guan is a little closer to town and is probably the more absorbing option. Originally the villa of a Sichuan warlord, it first became a prison in 1939. A decade later the major massacre took place with almost 30 prisoners executed in November 1949. There are displays in the various cells, unfortunately with very limited English explanations, and a rather creepy torture chamber set into a mountain behind the prison.

BaiGongGuan Prison Torture ChamberThe two prisons are situated on Gele Mountain, which also plays host to numerous other revolutionary sights. There are touts around offering a minibus to take you between them. Or if you don’t mind the exercise, it’s a fairly pleasant (but long) walk between the sights.

Admission: Free. Open: 9:00-17:00.

Directions: The prison is about a ¥30 taxi fare from the Chongqing center. From Ciqikou it’s only around a ¥5 taxi fare to here, but you might have trouble finding a driver who will take you on the meter. Bus #210 goes to Baigong Guan, but you will need to transfer to reach Jiefangbei.

Show the taxi driver: 请带我去白公馆, 谢谢。    (Please take me to Baigong Guan Prison. Thank you.)

Show the taxi driver: 请带我去渣滓洞, 谢谢。    (Please take me to Zhazi Dong Prison. Thank you.)