Chongqing Nightlife: Bars and Clubs in Chongqing

Dee Dee’s Bar
Chongqing’s most foreigner-friendly bar is popular with expats and is also a good place for travelers to check out.
Not only is Dee Dee’s Bar a good place to meet foreigners who know the city well, but the staff themselves are keen to hand out travel advice. There is both foreign and local bottled beer and spirits on offer at reasonable prices. The atmosphere is pub-like, though with Chinese characteristics. Dee Dee’s Bar attracts a friendly crowd with a few locals in addition to the expat crowd.
Ph. (023) 8630 8068 Web:
Address: 86 Nanping Xinjie
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去南坪新街86号,谢谢。 (南坪后堡方向,扬子江假日饭店公寓旁边,中医院斜对面,下几级台阶便是)
Hongyadong Cultural Center
This 11-storey shopping, dining and entertainment complex is home to a number of dance clubs as well as some quieter bars.
A couple of dance clubs such as Red Fox are on the first floor of Hongyadong, while there are some quieter bars on the second floor. Music House on the second floor has a lovely outdoor terrace and live cover bands, making it a great place for a relaxing drink. Meanwhile, the upper levels with their lovely river views feature some good restaurants such as Propitious Winds 123.
Address: Cangbai Lu
Directions: From Jiefangbei, head up Minzu Lu and turn left onto Cangbai Lu at the end of the street.
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去洪崖洞, 谢谢。
Red Fox Nightclub
Red Fox Nightclub Located in the Hongyadong Center, Red Fox is a stylish but rather small and very Chinese club.
There is a minimum purchase to sit at a table and there isn’t much choice on the menu. There are no cocktails, a small selection of bottled beers (¥35) and spirits are sold only by the bottle. And since the beers are brought out by waitresses, it’s not really clear what the bartenders do other than juggle with ‘practice’ plastic spirit bottles. The music is a bit poppy, but decent: mainly R&B and hip-hop just outside of mainstream.
Address: Hongyadong Cultural Center, 1st Floor.
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去洪崖洞1楼,谢谢。
Babi Club This intersection not far from the Liberation Monument is the clubbing center of Chongqing.
Nightclubs at Jiaochangkou include the Chongqing branches of nation-wide club franchises BABI Club and Coco Banana. The stylish Mix Club is also in the area, right next to the entrance to the Jiaochangkou monorail station. All these clubs are fairly similar with drinks starting at ¥35-40, fairly small dance floors, minimum purchases for the right to sit at a table, and pulsating dance music.
Address: Jiaochangkou Intersection (next to Jiaochangkou monorail station)
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去较场口民权路,谢谢。