Public Transport in Chongqing

Getting Around Chongqing By Foot

If you have the time, exploring Chongqing by foot is a wonderful idea. Wandering down the alleys and walking the colorful streets is truly the highlight of the city. But as this is a city built on hills, strolling around Chongqing can be very tiring – there are a lot of stairs.

Getting Around Chongqing By Taxi

Chongqing TaxiTaxi is without a doubt the best way to move around Chongqing. Sure, the traffic can be bad, but until the light rail and subway are more advanced it’s the best option. Taxis in Chongqing have some of the lowest fares of any major city in China. The bright yellow contraptions are also some of the coolest looking in the country. As always, drivers speak no English so it’s best to have your destination written down in Chinese to show to the driver.

Flagfall in Chongqing is ¥8, which covers the first 3km. Each additional kilometer costs ¥1.8. Prices increase slightly after 10pm.

Getting Around Chongqing By Monorail

Currently two lines of Chongqing’s ambitious light rail and subway network have Chongqing Monorailbeen opened. Neither are overly useful for visitors to the city. But the monorail (Line 2) it is a lot of fun to ride. Probably its most practical use is as transport from the Liberation Monument Area to the People’s Square and Three Gorges Museum area. However, it’s worth taking a ride on the monorail just for the views of the city. A ride from Linjiangmen station in the center to Daping station and back again is well worthwhile. Most of this stretch is along the Jialing River, with great views almost the whole way. The east-west oriented Line 1 won’t be of a lot of use to tourists, except that it gets you out pretty close to Ciqikou Ancient Town. Fares range from ¥1-¥5, depending on the distance. The system is open approximately from 6:30-22:30.

Another subway line (Line 3) is under construction in Chongqing. The first phase of this north-south oriented line is scheduled for completion in late 2011. Eventually this line will continue all the way to the airport.

Getting Around Chongqing By Bus

Chongqing BusTrying to decipher the bus system is probably more hassle than it’s worth. But for those determined to take public transport, fares in Chongqing are generally ¥1 or ¥2, depending on how far you’re going. Someone will come round to sell you tickets on the bus. And depending on how kind they are, they will also often take you under their wing and tell you when to get off (that is if you can make them understand where you want to get off).