Dali Attractions:
Sightseeing in Dali

Dali Old Town (大理古城)
The quaint charm of this well-preserved town with its dramatic mountain backdrop, stone-paved streets and traditional Bai homes is guaranteed to impress. The backpacker area of town near the west gate has been westernized with cafes, bars and guesthouses, while the main street, Fuxing Lu, has been Han-ified for the Chinese tour group crowd…(Read More…)

Chongsheng Temple / Three Pagodas (崇聖寺三塔)
First and foremost it should be noted that the admission fee for the Three Pagodas is grossly overpriced. ¥121 is more far more than what is charged at China’s most famous and amazing attractions… (Read More…)
Admission: ¥121. Open: 8am-7pm.
Directions: Bus #19 from Bo’Ai Lu goes to the Pagodas.

Dali Museum (大理市博物馆)
It’s central and it’s cheap so it’s worth a look. The museum is housed in the reconstructed former home of Du Wenxiu, the leader of a Muslim revolt against the Qing Dynasty in the late 19th Century… (Read More…)
Admission: ¥10. Open: 9am-5:30pm.
Directions: On Fuxing Lu, about 70m directly north of the South Gate.

Cangshan (苍山)
This mountain, which makes the Dali Old Town so attractive by providing a stunning backdrop, offers some great treks. In fact, Cangshan is probably Dali’s best attraction… (Read More…)
Admission: ¥30. Open: The cable car runs until about 6pm.
Directions: Walk west from the west gate to reach the cable car.

Erhai Lake (洱海湖)
Believe it or not, they’ve managed to monopolize a lake. Once upon a time there were ferries that would take you to different places around Erhai Lake. These days, you’ll have to sign up for an overpriced tour… (Read More…)
Directions: Most boats leave from the marina at the village of Caicun (才村), directly east of Dali. Bus #2 from near the north gate will get you there.

Nearby Villages
There are numerous small villages and towns around Dali to visit. The most popular options are Xizhou, Zhoucheng and Shaping, which could all be visited as a day trip from Dali… (Read More…)
Directions: The best way to reach these towns is by bicycle. Alternatively, mini-buses for Shaping leave from the highway on the west side of Dali.