Hotels, Guesthouses and Youth Hostels in Dali

Dali Regent Hotel
The Regent Hotel is the closest thing to a luxury hotel in the Dali Old Town.
It’s actually quite a nice hotel that comes close to living up to its claims of being five-star. The entire hotel is supposed to be modeled on Bai minority architecture. Rooms are very spacious and they’ve gone into overdrive (perhaps overkill) in decorating them. Facilities include some rather regal conference rooms, a tennis court, swimming pool and sauna. Rack rates start at ¥880, but discounts of up to 50% are possible. Above average service and a fairly convenient location at the eastern fringe of the Old Town make the Regent Hotel a solid option.
Address: East Yu’er Lu Web: Ph. (0872) 266 6666
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去大理风花雪月大酒店,谢谢。地址:大理市古城玉洱路东段。
Jade Emu Guesthouse Editor Pick!
Jade Emu Guesthouse, Dali Opened in April 2008, the Jade Emu Guesthouse has quickly become the budget accommodation of choice in Dali.
Set in a brand new building, the guesthouse is run by an Australian/Chinese duo. The private rooms (¥120) here are actually closer to mid-range quality. They are quite basic but are spacious, have a few cable channels, and there is free wireless internet throughout the hotel. Dorm beds are priced from ¥25-40. The Jade Emu Guesthouse also boasts its own restaurant and bar and outdoor seating area. This common area set-up makes it one of the best places in Dali to meet other travelers. Staff and owners are friendly and helpful.
Address: West Gate Village Web: Ph. (0872) 267 7311
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去大理古城西门村十组(红龙井城门斜对面西北50米‘荣升钢门窗制作中心’后排)。
Lazy Lodge Guesthouse
Lazy Lodge, Dali Each of the 14 rooms at the interesting Lazy Lodge guesthouse has its own unique design.
Prices range from ¥88 (single with shared bathroom) up to ¥388 (family suite). The family suite has the most bizarre design: the whole room is open plan – even the toilet and shower aren’t partitioned. Other rooms distinguish themselves with more simple touches, like bare brick walls or the addition of a mezzanine. Check out a few rooms before choosing as they differ in many ways. Located just near the West Gate, Lazy Lodge also features a self-service kitchen and free wireless internet access. The staff are maybe a little too young, but sweet and friendly.
Address: 3 Huguo Lu Web: Ph. (0872) 267 4222
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去懒人回家客栈,谢谢。地址:大理古城洋人街(护国路)3号
The Bookworm Guesthouse
Bookworm Guesthouse, Dali The Bookworm Guesthouse (#1) is very simple, but also very good value, located in the ‘foreigners’ area of Dali’s Old Town.
There are just three rooms on the second floor of the building, all of which share the one bathroom. In between the rooms is a DVD viewing area and a pool table. Downstairs is a bookshop and bakery. The rooms are quite spacious and are priced around ¥50, though there is room for bargaining. Wireless internet access is available in the rooms. Staff speak fluent English and are helpful. The Bookworm Guesthouse is basic, and not perfectly clean, but very good value for money. There is a second, larger Bookworm Guesthouse (#2) on Renmin Lu.
Address: 46 Bo’Ai Lu Web: Ph. 139 8723 6001
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去书呆子,谢谢。地址:大理古城博愛路46号。
Friends Guesthouse
Friends Guesthouse, Dali There’s nothing flash about Friends Guesthouse, but the location is convenient and the staff have good local knowledge.
The rooms are basic but functional and very good value with private rooms starting at just ¥60. There are more expensive rooms that have nice views and dorm beds cost a mere ¥15. But be warned: the shared bathrooms have very little privacy. Friends Guesthouse has a cafe where breakfast is served, but otherwise there is no common area as such. There are a number of public computers in the reception area. The guesthouse is located just outside the south gate of Dali Old Town.
Address: 2 Wenxian Lu Web: Ph. (0872) 266 2888
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去三友客栈,谢谢。地址:大理古城文献路2号(南城门口)。
Higherland Inn
Higherland Inn, Dali Higherland Inn is intended as either a peaceful retreat or as a base for hiking to the summit of Cangshan Mountain.
It is perched in the mountain that rises up to the west of Dali Old Town at an altitude of 2600m. Given the location, rooms are understandably basic: cement floors, bright murals as decoration and shared bathrooms. But the shared facilities are kept clean and there is constant hot water. Standard doubles and twins cost ¥80 and there is one deluxe double with balcony for ¥120. The cafe at the Higherland Inn serves meals for around ¥20, and there is another nearby cafe if you need the variety. Staff speak English and French.
Address: Cangshan Daorendong Web: Ph. (0872) 266 1599