Public Transport in Dali

Getting Around Dali By Foot

It is easy enough to navigate the Dali Old Town by foot, and wandering the streets and alleys of the Old Town is one of the main reasons to visit Dali. It is also possible to reach the Cangshan Mountain chairlift and the Three Pagodas by foot, but it’s a good 20-30 minute walk to either place.

Getting Around Dali By Taxi

Taxi is the most convenient way to get around Dali, although taxi drivers in Dali won’t use the meter. Instead you will need to negotiate a price in advance. Drivers speak no English so a pen and paper can assist the negotiations. Generally they will ask for ¥10 for a trip around the Old Town. Bargain them down to ¥5 if you could be bothered. As an alternative to flagging down taxis on the street, many guesthouses and hotels in Lijiang will arrange drivers for fairly reasonable prices.

Getting Around Dali By Bus

There are a few useful public bus routes from the Old Town. Bus #8 runs between Dali Train Station (in Xiaguan) and the west gate of the Old Town. Bus #4 runs between the north gate of the Old Town and the center of Xiaguan (Renmin Lu). Bus #2 travels between Dali University and Caicun Pier at Erhai Lake. It can be caught on Bo’Ai Lu, north of the intersection with Yuer Lu.
Ask at your guesthouse to find out where to catch minibuses to nearby towns.

Getting Around Dali By Bike

Hiring a bike is a great way to get around Dali and reach nearby towns. Many guesthouses and traveler cafes in Dali will rent bicycles for around ¥20 per day.