Five Rams Statue

Since its erection in 1959 this 10 meter high statue has become the symbol of Guangzhou. The significance of the fiveFive Rams Statue rams comes from an old legend about Guangzhou. A little more than 2000 years ago five immortals, each wearing a colorful robe, came to Guangzhou playing majestic music and riding on the back of five rams. The five rams carried rice stalks in their mouths which the Immortals presented to the people of Guangzhou. Guangzhou had previously been a barren place, but after this divine visit they were not to suffer famine again. The immortals then returned to the sky while the goats remained and became stone. This is how Guangzhou came to be known as the City of Rams. The statue itself was sculpted by Yun Zhi Chang from 130 pieces of marble.

Directions: Once inside Yuexiu Park, simply follow the signs to the Five Rams statue.