Qingping Market

As one of the first markets to flourish after China’s ‘reopening’, until very recently Qingping Market had something of a Qingping Marketnotorious reputation for its trade in exotic animals. Health scares mean that most of that has now been swept away, but what remains is a fascinating sprawl of literally thousands of stalls scattered over a number of streets. The focus these days is mainly on medicinal herbs and various vegetation. But you’ll still find plenty of places proffering weird and wonderful merchandise including dried seahorses and scorpions, not to mention a few tiger claw vendors who continue to warily carry on their business from the streets. Qingping Market is centered on Qingping Lu and Tiyun Lu (which runs parallel to Luersan Lu to the north). There are also stalls all the way along Luersan Lu from west of Zhuji Lu to east of Qingping Lu. It’s well worth taking an half an hour or so to wander around the area.

Directions: The Qingping Market is directly opposite Shamian Island to the north. Take exit D from Huangsha subway station, go left as you exit and continue straight along Luersan Lu. You will start passing market stalls. Continue until you reach Qingping Lu.

Show the taxi driver: 请带我去清平市场, 谢谢。 (Please take me to the Qingping Market. Thank you.)