Yuexiu Park

The largest park in central Guangzhou is a lovely place to wander through and holds a few noteworthy sights, such as the Five Rams Statue and Zhenhai Tower. With Guangzhou’s sub-tropical climate, the plants are of an exotic nature and Yuexiu Parkthe park is large enough to sport a variety of wildlife, particularly birds. Covering some 930 000 square meters, Yuexiu Park is spread over a number of hills and boasts three artificial lakes. Row boats are for hire on one of the lakes while the others provide some picturesque scenes as they are crossed by stone bridges. Also on the grounds are some basic amusement park rides, souvenir stalls and all sorts of other tourist traps. Apparently it was Sun Yatsen’s dream to have a large park in this spot, but it wasn’t realized until after his death. There is now a monument to the ‘founder of modern China’ in the park. Apart from visiting the sights mentioned above, it’s worth taking an hour or so to wander around this tranquil park.

Admission: ¥5. Open: 6:00-21:00.

Website: www.yuexiupark-gz.com/ecompany.htm

Directions: The entrance to the park is right at Exit B of Yuexiu Park subway station. Once inside, follow the signs to the Five Rams Statue and Zhenhai Tower.

Show the taxi driver: 请带我去越秀公园, 谢谢。     (Please take me to Yuexiu Park. Thank you.)