Guangzhou Hotel Reviews

Luxury Hotels in Guangzhou (5-Star Hotels)

Guangzhou Holiday Inn Shifu Editor Pick!
Holiday Inn Shifu, Guangzhou The Holiday Inn Shifu is a great hotel, suitable both for tourists and business travelers.
It has a great location – one of only a few decent hotels located on the vibrant Shangxiajiu Lu pedestrian mall. Another outstanding feature is the roof-top swimming pool (with pool-side bar) and gymnasium, which allow spectacular views of Guangzhou.The large, clean, well-equipped and comfortable rooms have rack rates starting at ¥1530, but outside of peak times you’ll pay as little as $60. The Holiday Inn Shifu also boasts Cantonese and Western restaurants, a lobby bar and quality business/conference facilities. The well-trained staff are very friendly.
Address: 188 Dishifu Lu Web: Ph. (020) 8138 0088
Subway: Changshou Lu (Line1)
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去十甫假日酒店,谢谢。地址:第十甫路188号。
Dong Fang Hotel
Dong Fang Hotel, Guangzhou The Dong Fang Hotel is the best choice for travelers attending the Canton Fair and a great choice for high-end travelers the whole year round.
It’s right across the road from the main Chinese Export Commodities Fair Building and only a few minutes from YueXiu Park subway. This is an incredibly plush and opulent hotel where everything has been done tastefully. The Dong Fang Hotel has been recognized with the International Five Star Diamond Award in 2006 and 2007. Rack rates are ¥1550 ($226) for a deluxe room and ¥2000 ($292) for an executive room, but outside of peak periods you’ll pay half those prices. Staff speak excellent English, are helpful and friendly.
Address: 120 Liuhua Lu Web: Ph. (020) 8666 9900
Subway: Yuexiu Park (Line 2)
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去东方宾馆,谢谢。地址:流花路120号。
China Marriott Hotel
China Marriott Hotel, Guangzhou The China Marriott Hotel is a good choice for the unadventurous: it has everything you would expect in terms of character and service, and no real surprises.
It’s a good location for attending the Canton Fair: across the street from the main exhibition building. The China Hotel offers pretty much what you would expect from any Marriott outpost. The large, well-equipped rooms start at $90 per night at the discounted rate. Internet access, via cable, is not free (except during the Canton Fair) which is pretty stingy. Staff speak excellent English and are efficient, if overly officious. All the business and leisure facilities you would expect from a five-star hotel are offered, though nothing stands out as extraordinary.
Address: 122 Liuhua Lu Web: Ph. (020) 8666 6888
Subway: Yuexiu Park (Line 2)
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去中国大酒店,谢谢。地址:流花路122号。
Guangdong International Hotel
The Guangdong International Hotel is one of the best value of the many hotels in the north-east commercial district.
Truth be told, the rooms are actually a little below par for a five star hotel – too small and not elegant enough. But the prices are below par as well with rack rates of ¥550 for a standard room and ¥650 for a business suite (they don’t discount these rates by much, if at all). Buffet breakfast and internet access are included. Amenities are adequate: swimming pool, gym, sauna and full business/conference facilities. Combined with friendly staff, the Guangdong International Hotel a worthy choice – near five star treatment without the five star prices.
Address: 339 Huanshi Dong Lu Web: Ph. (020) 8331 1888
Subway: Taojin (Line 5)
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去广东国际大酒店,谢谢。地址:环市东路339号。
White Swan Hotel
White Swan Hotel, Guangzhou If you come to Guangzhou as part of a higher-end tour, you’re likely to be herded into the White Swan Hotel.
It’s an eyesore from the outside – an ugly, characterless, concrete blight on the face of Shamian Island. Inside is a different story. The impressive ground floor has a miniature waterfall and the leisure and business facilities are incredible. The ridiculous PR policies at the White Swan Hotel prevented me from viewing the rooms, which suggests they have something to hide. Indeed, a room photo in their propaganda pamphlet shows signs of digital doctoring. Rooms start at $140 in the off-season, $200 in peak times. Spoken English is below par for a 5-star hotel.
Address: 1 Shamian Nan Jie Web: Ph. (020) 8188 6968
Subway: Huangsha (Line 1)
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去白天鹅宾馆,谢谢。地址:沙面南街1号。