Guilin Attractions:
Sightseeing in Guilin

Hills and caves are what Guilin is most famous for. This city is your chance to take a break from buildings and revel in stunning natural landscapes. Guilin is a city of parks and waterways and is exceedingly serene. Most of the main attractions are within cycling distance (if not always walking distance) of the city center, making sightseeing convenient.

There are a variety of combined tickets that can be bought to cover admission to most of Guilin’s main attractions (Solitary Beauty Peak is the odd one out). A ¥120 ticket gives access to four attractions: Elephant Hill, Diecai Hill, Reed Flute Cave and Seven Star Park (saving ¥20). A ¥150 ticket gives access to six attractions: Elephant Hill, Diecai Hill, Fubo Hill, Reed Flute Cave, Seven Star Park and Seven Star Cave (saving ¥35). Alternatively, a ¥58 ticket gives access to the three hills: Elephant Hill, Diecai Hill and Fubo Hill (saving ¥2). The combined tickets can be bought at the ticket offices of any of the attractions.

Sightseeing Attractions in Guilin

Solitary Beauty PeakSolitary Beauty Peak    (独秀峰)
Almost in the center of Guilin is this walled complex housing a former palace known as Princes City. In an effort to cement power… (Read More…)
Admission: ¥50. Open: 8:30am-5pm.
Directions: From the north end of Zhengyang Pedestrian street, cross Jiefang Dong Lu and keep heading directly north. This will bring you to the south gate.

Elephant Hill Elephant Hill (Xiangbi Shan)    (象鼻山)
The most recognizable of Guilin’s landmarks is this hill that actually does resemble an elephant with its trunk reaching into the Li River… (Read More…)
Admission: ¥25. Open: 7am-7pm.
Directions: Elephant Hill is on the Li River and can be accessed from the south end of Binjiang Lu. Bus #2 and #58 stop here.

Fubo HillFubo Hill    (伏波山)
Fubo Hill benefits from its scenic location right on the west bank of the Li River. Standing some 62m high, the view from the peak… (Read More…)
Admission: ¥15. Open: 7am-7pm.
Directions: Fubo Hill is at the very north end of Binjiang Lu, on the west bank of the Li River. Bus #58 (from Fubo Hill, Diecai Hill, Seven Star Park, etc) stops here.

Diecai HillFolded Brocade Hill (Diecai Shan)    (叠彩山)
One of the three famous hills of Guilin, Diecai Hill is composed of four peaks spread over quite a large area… (Read More…)
Admission: ¥20. Open: 7am-7pm.
Directions: The entrance to Diecai Hill is off Diecai Lu, which can be reached by heading north along Longzhu Lu from Fubo Hill. Bus #58 stops here.

Reed Flute CaveReed Flute Cave    (芦笛岩)
This massive cave about 5km north-west of the city center is probably Guilin’s most wondrous attraction. Filled with stalactites, stalagmites and strange rock formations… (Read More…)
Admission: ¥60. Open: 7:30-18:00.
Directions: Bus #58 goes to Reed Flute Cave from Fubo Hill.

Seven Star ParkSeven Star Park    (七星公园)
This 137 hectare park is another lovely spot to wander through in Guilin. Seven Star Park’s attractions include the Qixia Temple… (Read More…)
Admission: ¥35. Open: 7am-7pm.
Directions: On the east side of the Li River, it can be reached by walking or cycling across the Liberation Bridge. Bus #58 also goes here.

Shan & Rong LakesRong Hu and Shan Hu (Lakes)    (榕湖, 杉湖)
These two lakes in Guilin’s center and divided by its central north-south artery, Zhongshan Lu, are particularly pleasant places for a stroll. In the east is Shan Lake, on which two pagodas have been built… (Read More…)
Directions: Rong Hu and Shan Hu are located on either side of Zhongshan Zhong Lu, just south of Guilin’s center square.

Guilin River and Lake CruiseFour Lakes and Two Rivers Cruise
There’s a lot of talk about Guilin’s Four Lakes and Two Rivers, with them apparently making up a ‘core part of classical landscape of Guilin’… (Read More…)
Details: Both 60 minute (¥100) and 90 minute (¥149) cruises are available. Boats depart every 2-3 hours during the day and every 30 minutes at night.

Sightseeing Attractions Outside Guilin

Longji Rice TerracesDragon’s Backbone (Longji) Rice Terraces    (龙脊梯田)
About 100km north-west of Guilin, near the town of Longsheng, is the Dragon’s Backbone Rice Terraces: an incredibly beautiful series of hills covered in rice paddies. It can be visited as a day trip, but an overnight stay is even better. With a history dating back to the Yuan Dynasty, the rice terraces were carved into the hillsides over a period of centuries… (Read More…)