Four Lakes and Two Rivers Cruise

There’s a lot of talk about Guilin’s Four Lakes and Two Rivers, with them apparently making up a ‘core part of classical Guilin River and Lake Cruiselandscape of Guilin’ or something along those lines. The six bodies of inter-connected water are the famous Li River, the smaller Peach Blossom River (Taohua Jiang) and the Shan, Rong, Gui and Mulong lakes. In a way these lakes and rivers form the boundaries of the inner city of Guilin, with most of the major sights and shopping districts located inside. Cruising the lakes, therefore provides a good overview of Guilin and shows off some lovely scenery. The night time cruise, with the glittering lights is particularly pretty.

Both 60 minute and 90 minute cruises are available (the shorter one skips the rivers). Prices for the 60 minute cruise start at ¥100 for an adult and ¥50 for a child, with departures every two or three hours during the day and every half hour from 7pm-9:30pm. Prices for the longer cruise start at ¥149 for an adult and ¥75 for a child with departures roughly every half hour between 7:30pm and 10pm.

Tickets can be bought from the ticket office for the Sun and Moon Tower Scenic Area at Shan Lake.