Rong Hu and Shan Hu Lakes Scenic Area

Shan & Rong LakesThese two lakes in Guilin’s center and divided by its central north-south artery, Zhongshan Lu, are particularly pleasant places for a stroll. In the east is Shan Hu (Fir Lake), on which a pair of pagodas has been built. With one silver and one gold, they are called the Sun and Moon Towers and look particularly beautiful when lit up at night. An underwater passage links the two pagodas. Entrance to the Sun and Moon Tower Scenic Area is ¥30. Meanwhile, Rong Hu (Banyan Lake) is a good deal larger and has a number of attractions around its shores, including pavilions, statues, the quaint ‘Twin Bridges’, the ancient South Gate and the 800 year-old banyan tree after which the lake takes its name.

Directions: Rong Hu and Shan Hu are located on either side of Zhongshan Zhong Lu, just south of Guilin’s center square.