Seven Star Park

This 137 hectare park is another lovely spot to wander through in Guilin. Seven Star Park boasts a diverse range of features including Seven Star Parkthe Qixia Temple, the five-arch, stone Flowers Bridge, which dates from the Song Dynasty (960-1279); a massive, modern mural made up of stone carvings which depicts China’s 5000 year history; the natural wonder of Camel Hill; and even a zoo with pandas.

But the focus of the park is Putuo Hill. Peppered with pagodas and pavilions, several trails wind their way up Putuo Hill to its four peaks. The major attraction along the way is Seven Star Cave (admission: ¥30), which is almost as impressive as Reed Flute Cave. You could easily spend a few hours wandering through Seven Star Park or even just finding a seat and soaking it all in.

Admission: ¥35. Open: 7am-7pm.

Directions: Seven Star Park is on the east side of the Li River. It can be reached by walking or cycling across the Liberation Bridge (Jiefang Qiao) and continuing straight. Bus #58 (from Fubo Hill, Diecai Hill or Reed Flute Cave) also goes here.

Show the taxi driver: 请带我去七星公园, 谢谢。       (Please take me to Seven Star Park. Thank you.)