Guilin Restaurant Guide

Chinese Restaurants in Guilin

Yiyuan Restaurant
Yiyuan Restaurant, Guilin The popular Yiyuan restaurant serves mainly Sichuan cuisine.
Apart from the excellent food, the main reason to come here is that it’s very foreigner-friendly. The menu has been translated into English well and you’ll usually see a couple of other foreigners dining here due to the restaurant’s inclusion in the Lonely Planet guidebook. Meanwhile, the Yiyuan Restaurant’s dark wood paneling and furniture make it far more visually appealing than the average Chinese restaurant. Prices are reasonable with an average bill per person coming to around ¥50.
Ph. (0773) 282 0470
Address: 17-2-3 Nanhuan Lu
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去怡园饭店,谢谢。地址:南环路17-2-3号。
Guilinese Restaurant
Guilinese Restaurant, Guilin This colorful, crowded restaurant is the perfect place to try out local Guilin cuisine.
The full gamut of Guilin’s culinary delights are on the menu, but unfortunately only a small portion of them have been translated into English. Nevertheless, with the aide of pictures you’ll have a good meal here and only pay around ¥50 per person total. There is limited seating available outside in the mall, while the restaurant’s interior is decorated with all manner of shrubbery. Guilinese Restaurant also features dancing performances from 8pm each night.
Ph. (0773) 282 2341 Web:
Address: 10 Zhengyang Lu
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去正阳步行街10号,谢谢。

Western Restaurants in Guilin

Little Italian
Little Italian Cafe, Guilin Little Italian is a cozy, hole-in-the-wall cafe with lovely staff and cheap food.
It’s like something you would find in the nearby tourist haven of Yangshuo, except that it’s largely free of tourists. There’s steak, pasta and sandwiches on the menu – all in generous portions and priced at only ¥20-40. Yunnan coffee is on offer for a mere ¥10 and beer starts at ¥8. Cramped and with uncomfortable furniture, Little Italian isn’t a place to while away the hours, but it’s a reliable and pleasant place to grab a meal. There’s even a public computer you can use.
Ph. (0773) 311 1068
Address: 18 Binjiang Lu
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去滨江路18号,谢谢。
Paul’s Steak House
Paul's Steak House, Guilin Paul’s Steak House serves passable Western food if you have a strong craving for something familiar while in Guilin.
They serve pizzas from ¥45, various beef and chicken dishes for around ¥50 and steaks, supposedly imported from Australia and New Zealand, for as little as ¥48. Drinks start at ¥20. The meals, like the restaurant’s interior, aren’t particularly inspiring but the portions are generous. On the bright side, the English menu is clear and staff speak a little English. Strangely, there’s a 15% service charge added to the bill – usually only the very top restaurants in China do this. Places like Paul’s Steak House certainly don’t.
Ph. (0773) 285 9987
Address: 77 Zhengyang Lu, 2nd Floor
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去保罗牛排,谢谢。地址:正阳步行街77号2楼。
Rosemary Cafe
Rosemary Cafe, Guilin Centrally located, Rosemary Cafe and restaurant enjoys heavy patronage from foreigners including Guilin expats.
Bookshelves are arranged around the cafe with an assortment of English-language material for perusing. Otherwise the decoration is pretty ordinary but Rosemary Cafe manages to feel cozy nonetheless. The extensive menu has steaks at ¥30-45, pastas for ¥20-30, pizzas around ¥30, soups averaging ¥12 and beer from ¥8. The food is tasty, but nothing spectacular. Service is decent and meals are prepared very quickly.
Ph. (0773) 281 0063
Address: 1-1 Yiren Lu
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去依仁路1-1号,谢谢。

Cafes in Guilin

Shire Hobbiton Cafe
Shire Hobbiton Cafe, Guilin The delightful Shire Hobbiton Cafe is perched on the second floor of a building overlooking the Li River.
Try to grab one of the two tables by the large picture windows for a tranquil view. Shire Hobbiton serves beautifully strong coffee for ¥26; you’ll be hard-pressed finding a better brew in Guilin. Also on the menu are light snacks, including sandwiches and basic pastas, for ¥16-20. The cafe’s tastefully decorated interior lacks any real Hobbit theme, though there are a few Tolkien books framed in a display case in the stairwell up to the cafe. But Shire Hobbiton Cafe is a serene little hideaway. Soothing music, friendly music and a well-translated English menu make this an appealing place. There is also supposed to be free wireless internet, but it often doesn’t work.
Ph. (0773) 288 0789 Web:
Address: 66 Binjiang Lu, 2nd Floor
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去夏尔咖啡,谢谢。地址:滨江路66号2楼。
Steam Cafe
Steam Cafe, Guilin Steam Cafe benefits from a spacious, breezy design and tasteful interior.
The large picture windows looking out onto Guilin’s riverside promenade add to the serenity. Like the other cafes along this street, Steam Cafe serves the usual assortment of basic Western food and decent coffee. But it’s probably best visited for their Western breakfasts (average ¥25) which are good value and quite good quality.
Ph. (0773) 282 9689
Address: 10 Binjiang Lu
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去滨江路10号,谢谢。