Wushan Hill

Not nearly as interesting or scenic as Jade Emperor Hill, but more crowded and more expensive, is the 94m tall Wushan Hill. There’s not a lot to recommend about this place, though it does feature some nice scenery, especially on its southern side. It’s free to walk around the hill, but if you want to visit the summit it costs ¥30. Chenghuang Temple (built in the early 15th Century once stood at the summit but only a recreation of it exists now. The main feature at the summit is Chenghuang Pavillion (City God Pavillion). At 41.6m this seven storey pagoda is one of the tallest in Hangzhou. Unfortunately, like Leifeng Pagoda, this is a brand new creation complete with elevator. Nevertheless there are some nice views from the top and the ground floor has some displays recreating life in the Southern Song Dynasty – Hangzhou’s glory days.

Admission: ¥30 Open: 7:30-22.

Directions: Standing behind Wushan Square, in the center of Hefang Jie, Wushan Hill is best visited in combination with the tourist street. See the directions in the listing for Hefang Jie.

Show the taxi driver: 请带我去吴山,谢谢。 (Please take me to Wushan Hill. Thank you.)