Luxury Hotels in Hangzhou (5-Star Hotels)

Hangzhou Shangri-La Hotel
Shangri-La Hotel, Hangzhou Situated on the north-west shore of West Lake, the Shangri-La Hotel Hangzhou is in a peaceful area of the city.
The street where it stands is also home to many lovely 1930s villas. It is, however, beyond walking distance from the commercial district and, while taxis are plentiful, the street is often clogged with traffic. The Shangri-La is housed in an old building, and although the rooms look beautiful, some are showing signs of age. Standard rooms start at ¥900 ($125), while a room with a lake view will set you back at least ¥1800 ($250). All of the necessary five star facilities are present and of a high standard. Staff aren’t overly friendly but are very efficient.
Address: 78 Beishan Lu Web: Ph. (0571) 8797 7951
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去香格里拉饭店,谢谢。地址:北山路78号。
Hangzhou Hyatt Regency Hotel
Hyatt Regency Hotel, Hangzhou The Hyatt Regency Hotel Hangzhou occupies a brilliant position on the north-east shore of West Lake.
This makes it close to both the commercial district and the two most active sides of the lake, with their restaurants, bars and sights. The cheapest you’ll get a room here is around $180 per night, while a lake view room will usually cost around $240. Rooms are spacious and very modern (somewhat surprising given the appearance of the hotel’s exterior). The Hyatt Regency has all the amenities and mod-cons you would expect. But what you’re paying for here, most of all, is the service: staff everywhere in the hotel are eager to please.
Address: 28 Hubin Lu Web: Ph. (0571) 8779 1234
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去凯悦酒店,谢谢。地址:湖滨路28号。
Zhejiang Xizi Hotel Editor Pick!
A room at the Zhejiang Xizi Hotel buys you your own secluded piece of West Lake.
The hotel is set over a number of villas on the south-east shore of West Lake, protected from traffic and passers-by a long driveway and large gardens. Rooms are beautiful with high ceilings and classical decoration. Rates generally start at $140, while lake view rooms start at about $290. Leisure and business facilities at the hotel are exceptional and the Zhejiang Xizi Hotel boasts some 9 restaurants, cafes and tea houses. Staff are exceptionally helpful and speak very good English. Recommended for a memorable accommodation experience.
Address: 37 Nanshan Lu Web: Ph. (0571) 8702 1888
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去浙江西子宾馆,谢谢。地址:南山路37号。

Mid-Range Hotels in Hangzhou (3-Star and 4-Star Hotels)

Hangzhou New Century Hotel
New Century Hotel, Hangzhou The New Century Hotel is perfectly average in every way except location.
Rooms and facilities are not really up to four-star standard, nor is service. But its position, just off Jiefang Lu, and only five minutes walk from West Lake could make it worth staying there. The rooms are completely lacking in character – bland, soulless and completely ordinary (though quite large). Expect discounts of 40% off rack rates of ¥880 (standard) and ¥980 (executive). The New Century Hotel is essentially a three star hotel masqerading as a four star establishment, with its prices justified only by its location.
Address: 99 Huansha Lu (near the Jiefang Lu intersection) Web: Ph. (0571) 8792 2888
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去新世纪大酒店,谢谢。地址:浣纱路99号。
SSAW Hotel
SSAW Hotel, Hangzhou The 3-Star SSAW Hotel is clean, comfortable and modern with a great location about five minutes walk from West Lake.
There’s nothing spectacular about the hotel, but its contemporary design and very friendly staff (even if their English isn’t great) make it an appealing option. Rooms are somewhat on the small side, but they do have some character to them. Prices are discounted as low as $50 per night for a standard room. Rooms are equipped with free broadband access and a few satellite television channels. Breakfast costs ¥38 in their cafe. The SSAW Hotel also features a gym, business center and limited conference facilities. Recommended.
Address: 221 Jiefang Lu Web: Ph. (0571) 2803 3666
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去西湖四季都市酒店,谢谢。地址:解放路226号。
Merchant Marco Hotel (Marco Polo Hotel)
Merchant Marco Hotel, Hangzhou The Merchant Marco Hotel is another overpriced and uninspiring 4-Star Hangzhou hotel.
On the bright side it features a good location (five minutes walk from West Lake), a few helpful staff who speak fluent English and some reasonable facilities. On the downside, the Merchant Marco Hotel is overpriced and there isn’t really anything special or distinctive about the place. Rack rates are just plain silly at ¥1090 ($150) for a standard city view room, but discounts of 45% are readily available. Rooms are spacious but look a bit dated and bland. In-room internet access costs ¥20 per day. There are also a couple of good restaurants here.
Address: 38 Pinghai Lu Web: Ph. (0571) 8701 9999
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去马可波罗假日酒店,谢谢。地址:平海路38号。

Budget Accommodation and Youth Hostels in Hangzhou

West Lake Youth Hostel Editor Pick!
West Lake Youth Hostel, Hangzhou West Lake Youth Hostel is definitely the pick of Hangzhou’s hostels for atmosphere and the quality of facilities.
Located on the south-east side of West Lake, it’s a bit of a walk (20 mins) from the main commercial area, but benefits from a secluded spot. This seclusion is augmented by the chalet-style design of the hostel – private rooms (¥180-200) even feature sloping ceilings and skylights. The dorm rooms are also quite nice and priced at ¥40-50 (for 6-bed or 4-bed). West Lake Youth Hostel also has a nice common area and friendly, helpful staff. The only negative is that it is located right next to a school so sleeping in might be a problem.
Address: 62-3 Nanshan Lu Web: Ph. (0571) 8702 7027
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去过客青年旅舍,谢谢。地址:南山路62-3号净寺旁边。
Touran Hostel
Touran Hostel, Hangzhou The main things Touran Hostel has going for it are the wonderful staff and exceptionally friendly owner.
It has the odds stacked against it – it’s located a fair way south of West Lake (about 15 minutes walk) with no western restaurants or bars nearby. However, it is in a very pleasant area, surrounded by hills and walking trails that are largely free of tourists. The private rooms (from ¥160) at Touran Hostel are very nice, with a traditional Chinese design. Dorm beds start at as little as ¥25. Dorm rooms are a bit too cramped. The spacious common area features a DVD player, Wii, a couple of public computers and wireless internet access.
Address: 3 Siyanjing (off Hupao Lu) Web: Ph. (0571) 8609 4311
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去途安背包客栈,谢谢。地址:虎跑路四眼井3号。
Hangzhou Mingtown International Youth Hostel
Mingtown Youth Hostel, Hangzhou The Hangzhou Mingtown Youth Hostel has a great design and excellent location, but poor staff and a cold vibe.
It’s a malady common with hostels under Mingtown management. The location right on the east shore of West Lake is the best of all Hangzhou’s hostels – close to sights, bars and restaurants. And the sprawling design across several buildings with numerous courtyards is appealing. But the rooms are ordinary, shared bathrooms very dirty and the staff are aloof. The common area isn’t particularly appealing, nor is the food served at the restaurant. Dorm beds start at ¥40 (for a 6-bed dorm), while private rooms cost ¥200 ($28).
Address: 101-11 Nanshan Lu Ph. (0571) 8791 8948
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去国际青年旅舍,谢谢。地址:南山路101-11号。
Wushanyi Youth Hostel
Wushanyi Youth Hostel, Hangzhou Wushanyi Youth Hostel is a solid option located in a quiet area at the foot of Wu Mountain, walking distance from West Lake.
Features include a large common room with massive television, a restaurant that occasionally seems to actually serve food, a self-service kitchen and free wireless internet access. Problems with the hostel are that the staff speak relatively poor English and the shared bathrooms and toilets are pretty dirty. Dorm beds start at ¥40, while private rooms are good value at ¥160. In spite of some flaws, Wushanyi Hostel is worth considering particularly for the peaceful environs it offers.
Address: 96 Siyiting (off Siyi Lu) Ph. (0571) 8701 8790
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去吴山驿国际青年旅舍,谢谢。地址:四宜路四宜亭96号。