Hangzhou Nightlife: Bars and Clubs in Hangzhou

Live Music Clubs in Hangzhou

JZ Club
JZ Club, Hangzhou Like its big brother in Shanghai, Hangzhou’s JZ Club features some great jazz on any night of the week.
It also boasts a slick, two-storey interior and efficient bartenders. They often pull international artists to the venue – not often big name artists but they’re making the effort. And the regular house bands provide some great music anyway. Cocktails and spirits sell for ¥40-45. JZ Club is a nice relaxed place to catch some live music.
Ph. (0571) 8702 8298 Web: www.jzclub.cc
Address: 6 Liuying Lu (on the corner of Nanshan Lu)
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去柳营路6号(靠南山路),谢谢。
Friends Jazz Bar
Friends Jazz Bar, Hangzhou Not far down the road from JZ Club is Friends Jazz Bar, which is slightly more down-market.
But it boasts a warm and inviting atmosphere, not to mention cheaper drinks. There’s Carlsberg draught for ¥25, spirits for ¥30-35 and cocktails averaging ¥35. Friends Jazz Bar also serves some basic snack for ¥20-30 and a limited range of mains at ¥60-80. Good music and friendly, if perhaps a little too pushy, staff make it a relxed, cozy and down-to-earth place to have a few drinks.
Address: 103-12 Nanshan Lu Ph. (0571) 8706 3887
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去笑意酒吧,谢谢。地址:南山路103-12号。

Night Clubs in Hangzhou

G Plus
G Plus, Hangzhou Like its big brother in Shanghai, Hangzhou’s G Plus is a cutting edge dance club – definitely Hangzhou’s finest.
An ultra-modern interior, massive video screen and zany decorations such as cherry blossom trees make it a hip and vibrant place. DJs play all sorts of electronic music, sometimes veering a little too close to pop. Thursday nights are the best time to go, when an international DJ comes and helps westernize the club. The rest of the time, Chinese club characteristics dominate: the dance floor is reduced to a few square meters to make way for more tables (with a minimum purchase requirement) and dice games abound. Drinks at G Plus are surprisingly cheap with cocktails between ¥20 and ¥40 and bottled beer from ¥30 to ¥35. The drink selection is fairly limited though.
Address: 169 Qingchun Lu, (Wahaha Plaza, 6th Floor) Ph. (0571) 8721 5152 Web: www.clubgplus.com
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去庆春路169号娃哈哈美食娱乐城6楼,谢谢。
Night & Day
Night and Day, Hangzhou Night & Day club and wine bar is currently one of the most happening places in Hangzhou.
There’s dancing and frivolity downstairs, while the upstairs wine bar adds a touch of class. The first floor plays host to a swinging salsa band every night and there are plenty of people on the dance floor. Meanwhile, in the wine bar, things are more subdued (though the music is irritatingly loud). The wine selection is decent but over-priced: heavy mark-ups see an average cost of ¥500 for wines that really can’t justify such prices. Other drink prices are fairly reasonable though: cocktails at ¥40-45 and draught beer at ¥35.
Address: 240 Nanshan Lu Ph. (0571) 8777 0275
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去德纳酒吧,谢谢。地址:南山路240号。

Pubs and Bars in Hangzhou

The Shamrock Irish Sports Pub
Shamrock Irish Sports Pub, Hangzhou The Shamrock is quite a nice Irish-style pub which is a popular hangout for the local foreign community.
The bar features two free pool tables and five beers on tap: Guinness and Kilkenny (¥60), Hoegaarden (¥58), Carlsberg and (supposedly) Fosters (¥28). Cocktails average ¥30 while spirits range from ¥22-35. There is also some fairly basic food on offer. A spacious venue, the Shamrock has plenty of seating – both booths and tables and plenty of TV screens for broadcasting sporting events. This is your best bet in Hangzhou for catching an international sporting event.
Address: 89 Jiefang Lu (near the intersection with Jianguo Lu) Ph. (0571) 8755 5212
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去三叶啤酒屋,谢谢。地址:解放路89号(解放路与建国路交叉口)。
Traveler Bar
Traveler Bar, Hangzhou Traveler Bar is probably the nicest (in terms of design and decor) of the Shuguang Lu dive bars.
Like the other bars on this strip, it can become quite rowdy here on weekends while weekdays are relatively subdued. There’s quite a bit crammed in here, with ample tables, a free pool table, a mezzanine with more seating, a long, L-shaped bar, and a stage for live music. Drinks aren’t too expensive with Carlsberg draught at ¥24, Guinness at ¥38 (for a small glass), spirits at ¥25 and cocktails averaging ¥35. Good bartenders and a fun crowd round out the experience.
Address: 176 Shuguang Lu Ph. (0571) 8796 8846
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去旅行者酒吧,谢谢。地址:曙光路176号。
You To Bar
You To Bar, Hangzhou The owner’s bald mug greets you at the entrance to You To Bar. Inside, it’s not much prettier.
But the bar carries off the low-brow vibe quite well. It’s all rickety wooden tables and chairs inside, with a stage for live music thrust into the corner and a couple of more private nooks at the back. There are four beers on tap (Carlsberg, Tiger, Tsing Tao and Budweiser) for a mere ¥22. A limited selection of spirits are priced at ¥20-25, while a similarly limited range of cocktails cost ¥35. The semi-circular bar is a nice design addition. You To Bar can be a lot of fun on nights when it pulls a big crowd.
Address: 85 Shuguang Lu Ph. (0571) 8797 6788
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去曙光路85号,谢谢。
Reggae Bar
Reggae Bar, Hangzhou The Reggae Bar is one of the most popular spots on the Shuguang Lu strip, drawing a mixed crowd of locals, expats and travelers.
There’s not much to the place – it’s just a rectangular box with tables placed on either side of the long, bench centerpiece. But the sardine-tin design does at least promote mixing among the patrons. Drinks are cheap: Carlsberg draught is ¥20, spirits are ¥25, and cocktails are ¥28. The Reggae Bar’s pizzas (¥45-¥58) enjoy a good reputation which they don’t really live up to. There are also burgers and pastas on the menu. You can have a great night here, even if it’s not the prettiest place around.
Address: 95 Shuguang Lu Ph. (0571) 8796 1587
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去黑根酒吧,谢谢。地址:曙光路95号。
Hill Street Bar
Hill Street Bar, Hangzhou Hill Street Bar is a classy bar and restaurant with an elegant decor, dim lighting and soothing music.
Everything here is done tastefully. Drinks are reasonably priced with Carlsberg Draught at ¥24 (for 400mL), bottled Erdinger at ¥38 and spirits and good, strong cocktails also at ¥38. Coffee from around the world costs ¥38 but it’s only so-so. The menu is dominated by Japanese cuisine, at an average price of ¥60-70 for a main course. There is also some western food – pizzas, pastas, burgers and sandwiches for ¥25-40 and some fairly basic main courses from ¥60-100, but it’s largely uninspiring. Still, Hill Street Bar is a very nice place for a few drinks. They also have live music.
Address: Building C, Hangzhou Tower (ground floor) Ph. (0571) 8515 3911
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去西街酒廊,谢谢。地址:杭州大厦C座底层。