Harbin Attractions:
Sightseeing in Harbin

Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festivals
This is the event that draws most foreign visitors to Harbin. The festival begins on January 5th and officially runs to mid-February, though it will most likely still be running by the end of February… (Read More…)
Admission: ¥55 for Zhaolin Park Open: 16:00-21:30 (it’s best viewed after dark)
Directions: Zhaolin Park is one block east of Zhongyang Dajie.

Zhongyang Dajie (中央大街)
This cobblestone pedestrian strip, lined with shops, restaurants and bars, provides a beautiful display of early 20th Century Russian architecture, as lovely as anything you will find in (most) Russian cities… (Read More…)
Directions: Zhongyang Dajie runs from Jinwei Jie in the south, up to the banks of the Songhua River.

Cathedral of St Sophia (圣素菲亚教堂)
The symbol of Harbin, this imposing Russian Orthodox Cathedral was first built in 1907 and constructed of wood. The present structure was completed in 1932. The Byzantine-style cathedral stands 53 meters high… (Read More…)
Admission: ¥15. Open: 9:00-17:30.
Directions: The Cathedral is on the corner of Zhaolin Jie and Toulong Jie.

Siberian Tiger Park (东北虎林园)
This park is a must visit while you are in Harbin. The Siberian Tigers (also known as Manchurian Tigers) are large, beautiful creatures and this park allows you to view them up close… (Read More…)
Admission: ¥65. Open: 8:00-16:30.
Directions: It’s easiest to reach by taxi (about ¥40-45 from the center).

Germ Warfare Base 731 Division (侵华日军地731部队遗址)
This base was used by the infamous 731 division of the Japanese army to test biological weapons on prisoners. The base, which lies about 20km south of Harbin’s center, was set up in 1935… (Read More…)
Admission: ¥20. Open: 9:00-11:30; 13:00-15:30.
Directions: Take Bus #343 from the train station or a taxi (about ¥55).

Dragon TV Tower (龙塔)
At a height of 336 meters, the Long Ta Tower is currently the 21st tallest tower in the world, the eighth tallest in Asia and the second tallest steel lattice tower in the world… (Read More…)
Admission: ¥60 Open: 9:00-17:00.
Address: 178 Changjiang Lu. Website: www.longta.net

Temples and Churches
If you’re traveling to Harbin then probably you’ve been to at least one other Chinese city. If this is the case, then Harbin’s temples probably don’t have a lot to offer you. But there are a few temples and churches to look out for if you’re in the mood… (Read More…)