Harbin Temples and Churches

If you’re traveling to Harbin then probably you’ve been to at least one other Chinese city. If this is the case, then Harbin’s temples probably don’t have a lot to offer you, despite such lofty claims as hosting one of the four most important Buddhist temples of north-eastern China. But if you’re interested, then head to the eastern terminus of Dongdazhi Jie, where you will find Jile Temple (Temple of Bliss), Puzhao Temple (Temple of Universal Light) and the seven storey pagoda.

Also on Dongdazhi Jie, but a little closer to the center, and probably of about the same amount of interest as the temples, are three churches. A German Lutheran church dating from 1916, the Russian Orthodox Virgin Mary Patron Church built in 1930, and an unnamed apparently Protestant church across the street. The first two are working churches while there is no information about the third church. The churches are just east of the Zhengming Jinjiang Hotel at 278 Dongdazhi Jie (东大直街278号).