Luxury Hotels in Harbin (4-Star and 5-Star Hotels)

Holiday Inn, Harbin
Holiday Inn, Harbin The Holiday Inn has a very convenient location, standing at the southern end of Zhongyang Dajie.
It provides familiarity and comfort in harsh Harbin. Rooms are Holiday Inn standard issue fare – spacious, comfortable and largely soulless – and include broadband internet access and some satellite TV channels. Rates can be discounted as low as ¥540 ($75) for a standard twin room, but generally expect to pay about $90 or more. Hotel facilities include a gym, sauna, business center, conference center, western and Chinese restaurants, and a great British-style pub in the lobby. The Holiday Inn is definitely the safe choice for accommodation in Harbin.
Address: 90 Jingwei Jie Web: Ph. (0451) 8422 6666
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去万达假日酒店,谢谢。地址:经纬街90号。
Friendship Palace Hotel
Friendship Palace Hotel, Harbin This classy Friendship Palace Hotel has a great location on the Songhua River, about ten minutes walk from Zhongyang Dajie.
Originally built in 1954 as the Sino-Soviet Friendship Hotel, the building is an intriguing combination of Chinese and Soviet architecture – a sort of looming Soviet building ‘with Chinese characteristics’ if you will. Amenities are pretty good with full business and leisure facilities. Service is decent, but more could be expected of a hotel that is aiming for five star status. The rooms are a bit of a let-down as well – there’s nothing wrong with them but they aren’t special in any way. Expect discounts of 30% off rack rates that start at ¥688 for a standard room.
Address: 263 Youyi Lu Web: Ph. (0451) 8488 0888
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去友谊宫宾馆,谢谢。地址:友谊路263号。
Sinoway Hotel
It’s probably best for foreigners to stay away from the Sinoway Hotel: the level of English spoken here is appalling.
But the hotel is well set up for business travelers with full conference, convention and meeting facilities. Rooms at the Sinoway Hotel are adequate – relatively new, spacious and equipped with free internet and satellite TV. But they’re not really nice enough to justify even the discounted rates which start at about ¥750 ($105) for a standard room. Breakfast is an additional ¥50. The location in the city center (about 5 minutes walk from the train station) is a convenient one, though it is well away from the Dao Li tourist area.
Address: 2 Yiyuan Jie Web: Ph. (0451) 8629 1111
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去华融饭店,谢谢。地址:颐园街2号。
Shangri-La Hotel, Harbin
If you’re after luxury and comfort then the Harbin Shangri-La Hotel is a good bet.
The location is a bit remote from the Zhongyang Dajie pedestrian street (not really walking distance) but it’s China so getting taxis is rarely a problem. And the hotel does have some great views of the Songhua River. Discount rates start at about $130 per night. The Shangri-La Hotel has all the business and leisure facilities you would expect from a hotel of this class.
Address: 555 Youyi Lu Web: Ph. (0451) 8485 8888
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去香格里拉大饭店,谢谢。地址:友谊路555号。

Mid-Range Hotels in Harbin (3-Star Hotels)

Lungmen Grand Hotel Editor Pick!
Lungmen Grand Hotel, Harbin If you’re looking for a hotel with a bit of character, the three star Lungmen Grand Hotel is hard to beat.
It’s housed in the old Russian consulate-general, built from 1901-03. The Russian-style building is truly lovely, inside and outside, and oozes with atmosphere. The downside of staying in a historic hotel is that the rooms are somewhat old and musty, though they are equipped with modern touches including high-speed internet access. Rack rates are ¥680 for a standard room, while the beautifully furnished suites start at ¥1100. Look for discounts up to 40%. A couple of the staff speak fairly good English. Located a few minutes walk from the train station.
Address: 85 Hongjun Jie Ph. (0451) 8679 1999
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去龙门大厦,谢谢。地址:红军街85号。
Modern Hotel
Modern Hotel, Harbin Once you get past the difficult staff at the Modern Hotel it’s actually a pretty nice place to stay.
Another in the historic hotel breed, it’s pretty hard to beat the location – right in the middle of the Zhongyang Dajie pedestrian strip. Elegant, plush corridors lead to attractive rooms (a little old-looking but they have character). Rack rates are exorbitant, starting at ¥680 ($94) and ranging up to ¥1480 ($205) for a “European standard” room. Look for a 30-40% discount off these rates. A buffet breakfast is included in the price. Although it has a few problems (notably the staff and the over-pricing) the Modern Hotel is still well worth considering.
Address: 89 Zhongyang Dajie Web: Ph. (0451) 8488 4000
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去马迭尔宾馆,谢谢。地址:中央大街89号。
Zhengming Jinjiang Hotel
Zhengming Jinjiang Hotel, Harbin There’s not a lot to recommend the Zhengming Jinjiang Hotel – you can definitely do better elsewhere.
Essentially a three-star hotel, the Zhengming Jinjiang Hotel likes to masquerade as a four-star establishment. In some areas it pulls it off: the necessary facilities are there, including several restaurants which never seem to open, but the rooms don’t live up to expectations – stained carpets and a dated decor make them a tad depressing. Expect discounts of 25-35% off rack rates that start at ¥580. Situated in Harbin’s city center, the hotel is a fair distance from the main tourist area. Staff are quite helpful, though a few struggle with English.
Address: 278 Dongdazhi Jie Web: Ph. (0451) 5361 8888
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去正明錦江大酒店,谢谢。地址:东大直街278号。

Budget Hotels and Youth Hostels in Harbin

Harbin currently has no decent youth hostels. But the budget hotels listed below are excellent value options.

Green Tree Inn, Harbin (Zhongyang Branch) Editor Pick!
Green Tree Inn, Harbin Without a doubt the Green Tree Inn is the best budget option in Harbin, and perhaps the best value of any hotel in the city.
The hotel’s best feature is its location – in a charming little alley about 50 meters off the Zhongyang Dajie pedestrian strip. Rooms are small (combined toilet and shower is annoying) and simple but come with such features as free internet access and a few foreign TV channels. Prices are a mere ¥170 ($24) for a single room and ¥200-240 ($28-$34) for a twin or double. The staff speak pretty good English considering the price range. There are two other Green Tree Inns in Harbin – the one at the train station might also interest some travelers.
Address: 54 Da’an Jie Web: Ph. (0451) 8885 8588
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去格林豪泰中央大街酒店,谢谢。地址:中央大街大安街54号。
Jinjiang Inn Harbin (Sophia Plaza Branch)
Jinjiang Inn, Harbin The Jinjiang Inn Sophia Plaza is a well-located, good value and comfortable budget option.
It’s within walking distance to the Zhongyang Dajie pedestrian street (about 5 minutes) and also the train station (about 10 minutes). Rooms are simple but clean and comfortable and equipped with hi-speed internet access (via cable). Prices start at ¥200 ($28) for a standard double, but an extra ¥90 ($12.50) will get you a deluxe, two-storey room. The staff are friendly and, although they struggle with their English, they get there in the end. One minor gripe is that there aren’t enough elevators to service the 140 rooms spread over 15 floors.
Address: 60 Diduan Jie Web: Ph. (0451) 8315 6666
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去锦江之星索菲亚广场店,谢谢。地址:地段街60号。