Harbin Restaurants

Tatos Editor Pick!
Tatos Restaurant, Harbin This Caucasian and Russian restaurant is a must visit – the food is brilliant and the interior is very charming.
Founded in 1901 by an Armenian named Tatos Grigorevich Del-Aknovy, Tatos claims to be the first Caucasian-style restaurant in China. Prices are very reasonable with soups from as little as ¥6 and main courses mostly between ¥30-¥40. Definitely try one of the mutton or beef stews – perfect food for cold weather. Bottled Harbin beer is on offer as are a few Western brands for around ¥20. Waiters speak a smattering of English, and even less Russian, but the menu is very clear. There are some bizarre pictures in the bathroom – quite low-brow given the otherwise classy and cozy demeanour of the restaurant.
Address: 127 Zhongyang Dajie Ph. (0451) 8468 8855 Web: www.tadaosi.cn
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去塔道斯西餐厅,谢谢。地址:中央大街127号(西五道街交汇口)。
Cafe Russia 1914
Cafe Russia 1914 has a reputation for offering some of the best Russian cuisine in Harbin.
As a result, it’s very hard to get a table – you will probably need to make a reservation. The interior is small, but quite lovely – tastefully decorated in a homely sort of way. Main courses cost around ¥40 on average – if you’re new to Russian cuisine, try the Golubtsy and, of course, the borshch.
Ph. (0451) 8456 3207
Address: 57 Xitou Dao Jie
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去俄罗斯1914咖啡馆,谢谢。地址:西头道街57号, 近中央大街。
Bi Feng Tang
Bi Feng Tang Restaurant, Harbin The Harbin outlet of the nation-wide Bi Feng Tang chain of Cantonese restaurants is centrally located at the northern end of Zhongyang Dajie.
Bi Feng Tang serves up some very cheap treats from all over China. Some of the best deals include the roast duck and roast goose for only ¥30-40, while most other meals average around the ¥30 mark. Half liter Tsing Tao bottles are available for ¥15.The wait staff speak no English, but are accommodating, and the English menu is quite clear. In the atmosphere stakes, Bi Feng Tang has a pleasant interior and it’s nice and loud – just as the locals like it in Harbin.
Address: 185 Zhongyang Dajie Ph. (0451) 8469 0011 Web: www.bifengtang.com.cn
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去避风塘,谢谢。地址:中央大街185号(金谷大厦一楼)。
USA Bucks
USA Bucks Restaurant, Harbin There are a couple of reasons that make USA Bucks cafe and bar in a prime location on Zhongyang Dajie worth visiting.
The first is to see their rip-off of the Starbucks logo that they have printed on their coffee mugs. The second is for the paraphernalia. The walls are plastered with pictures of the obviously narcissistic owner in every possible pose and costume, plus relics from around the world and weapons. The coffee (average price ¥30) is decent and Carlsberg is on tap. The food selection isn’t great (a lot of strange animal parts) but a few of the Russian dishes might satisfy. At least it’s cheap: most dishes are ¥20-25. The cozy atmosphere and kitsch make it worth dropping in.
Address: 166 Zhongyang Dajie Ph. (0451) 8468 6688
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去中央大街步行街166号,谢谢。