Harbin Arrival and Departure:
Transport To and From Harbin

By Air – Flying to Harbin

Harbin Taiping International Airport (哈尔滨太平国际机场)
Located a little over 30km southwest of Harbin’s center Taiping Airport was built in 1979 and expanded in the 1990s. As an introduction to Harbin it is perfect, immediately introducing Harbin’s Russian character. Harbin Taiping Airport looks more like the dated Sheremetyevo and Pulkovo airports of Russia than any of its modern Chinese counterparts. That said, it is still an efficient airport with a small but adequate list of facilities. Harbin Airport serves all major domestic locations as well as Seoul, Los Angeles, Vladivostok and Khabarovsk.

Getting To and From Harbin Taiping Airport

By Bus: The airport shuttle bus runs from the airport to the city every half hour, starting with the first flight arrival of the day with the last service after the last flight. Buses from the city leave from the CAAC Office at #99 Zhongshan Lu. Buses run every half hour from 6am until 6:30pm. The journey takes about 50 minutes and costs ¥20. Tickets should be bought and the counter just outside arrivals, before boarding the bus.

By Taxi: It’s easy enough to take a taxi from the airport with a fairly orderly taxi rank outside arrivals. A taxi from Harbin’s center to the airport will cost about ¥100 on the meter. Additionally, there is an exorbitant ¥20 highway toll which is added to the final fare.

Getting To and From Harbin By Train

Harbin Train Station (哈尔滨站) is located in the center of the city, right between the commercial and tourist districts. Quite an old station, it has some charm to it but does appear a little run-down and dirty. Harbin is well-connected to northern China by train and the fast, high-quality, overnight ‘Z’ train to and from Beijing (10 hours) is the best way to reach the city short of flying. If you want to see the countryside, there are also two daily bullet trains between Harbin and Beijing (8 hours). One of these trains also stops at Changchun (105 mins) and Shenyang (4 hours). On the overnight, ‘T’ train it takes nine hours to reach Dalian, while there is a twice weekly service between Harbin and Vladivostok in Russia.

Trans-Manchurian train travelers arriving from Russia can disembark in Harbin. However, it can be quite difficult to organize tickets from Harbin to Russia on the Trans-Manchurian train.

Getting To and From Harbin By Bus

Bus travel from Harbin is only advisable for reaching other destinations within Heilongjiang Province or possibly within Manchuria. In winter, when the roads are icy, it is always safer to take the train whenever possible. The main bus station is directly across the square from Harbin Train Station. This station serves destinations including Mudanjiang (4 hours), Qiqihar (5 hours), Changhun, Jilin, Shenyang, Dalian and Beijing.