The Loft (Chuangku) Art District

This burgeoning art district currently boasts a couple of galleries, a few cafes and bars, and hosts the odd festival every now and then. The centrepiece gallery is TCG Nordica, which features modern art exhibitions, serves some great Swedish food and hosts the odd live music event. Also in The Loft (Chuangku) Art District is the Yuansheng Indigenous Music and Dance Studio, where you can often catch a performance. Otherwise, there are numerous artists holed up in studios around the complex.

Address: 101 Xiba Lu

Directions: The entrance to the Loft is from Xiba Lu, just west of Yongle Lu. The Loft can also be accessed from Yongle Lu, through an opening next to house #60.

Show the taxi driver: 请带我去创库, 谢谢。地址:西坝路101号。 (Please take me to The Loft Art Dustrict. Thank you.)