Yunnan Provincial Museum

Although this is a rather small museum, it is well-kept, well-presented and informative. It won’t take up much of your time to visit and it gives a good overview of the history of Yunnan Province. The first floor has artifacts from the Dian Kingdom, which ruled Yunnan in the Warring States Period until around 100BC, such as bronze weapons and jewelry. The next floor covers the other powerful Yunnan-based kingdoms of Nanzhao (around 737-902) and Dali (937-1253) and is mainly occupied with Buddhist relics. Then there’s a hall of assorted pretty objects labeled ‘treasures’. One of many interesting facts you will learn at the museum: Out of the 22 emperors of the Dali Kingdom, 9 abdicated to become monks.

Admission: ¥10. Open: 9:30am-5:30pm.

Address: 118 Wuyi Lu. Tel: +86 (0871) 617 9536. Website:

Directions: The Yunnan Provincial Museum is located on the corner of Wuyi Lu and Dongfeng Xi Lu, about 5 minutes walk west of the city center.

Show the taxi driver: 请带我去云南省博物馆, 谢谢。 (Please take me to Yunnan Provincial Museum. Thank you.)