Kunming Restaurants and Cafes

Chinese Food in Kunming

1910 La Gare Du Sud Editor Pick!
1910 La Gare Du Sud, Kunming One of the classiest restaurants in Kunming, 1910 La Gare Du Sud offers a special dining experience.
It offers traditional Kunming food in a charming colonial building decorated with photographs of the old Kunming. Or grab a table in the courtyard adorned with a railway track, from where you can watch the waitresses dressed in old-fashioned garb clean utensils by hand in washing pans. And the food here is wonderful. Most dishes cost ¥25-35 and an average bill per person is around ¥80. It’s strange they haven’t created an English menu, but pictures and English heading guide your choice. At any rate, the charming ambience of 1910 La Gare Du Sud and the quality of the food guarantee a great dining experience.
Address: 8 Houxin Jie Ph. (0871) 316 9486
Directions: Houxin Jie runs east off Shulin Jie, one block south of Jinbi Lu.
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去后新街8号,近书林街, 谢谢。
Nanqiang Jie Food Street
Nanqiang Jie, Kunming Nanqiang Jie is a street of small eateries running east off Zhengyi Jie, Kunming’s major pedestrian shopping street.
There is a variety of Chinese cuisine available here, but of particular note are a series of Chinese Muslim restaurants. Particularly easy to order with no knowledge of Chinese are the kebabs, prepared on a grill on the sidewalk. Just point to the vegetables and meat you want and they will cook it in front of you. A full meal here shouldn’t come to much more than ¥10.
Directions: Nanqiang Jie runs east off the Zhengyi pedestrian street, one block north of Jinbi Lu.
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去南强街,谢谢。
Xiangyun Food City
Xiangyun Food City, Kunming The massive Xiangyun Food City, which stretches for a whole block, is a great place to sample local Yunnan cuisine.
There are a lot of eateries to choose from, but your options might be limited by your Chinese language ability. A few of the outlets in here have created menus with pictures to appeal to foreigners and will approach you. Prices shouldn’t be much more than ¥10 per meal at the most.
Directions: The south entrance to Xiangyun Food City is on Nanqiang Jie, a few blocks east of Zhengyi pedestrian street. It stretches north along Xiangyun Jie from here.
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去祥云美食城,谢谢。

Western Restaurants in Kunming

Vintage Cafe
Vintage Cafe, Kunming There’s a lot to like about the bright and modish Vintage Cafe in Kunming’s university district.
It boasts a menu of sandwiches, burgers and Vietnamese food at very cheap prices. They also have good quality English breakfasts for just ¥22 including juice and coffee. There are milkshakes for ¥13 and coffee costs ¥12-15. Free wireless internet provides another reason to drop by. On the downside, the furniture is a little uncomfortable, meaning it’s not a great place to lounge around. But the slow food service means you’ll be stuck there for a while regardless.
Address: 40-15 Wenlin Jie Ph. (0871) 535 6899
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去茴转时光,谢谢。地址:文林街40号附15号。
Senditosa Cafe
Senditosa Cafe, Kunming Senditosa Cafe serves western and pan-Asian food as well as imported wine and coffee.
The curries and fried rice (¥20-30) are excellent, but the western food, including pizza (¥35) and steaks (¥40-60) is a bit bland. Coffee is\ overpriced at ¥28 while desserts average around ¥15. The interior of Senditosa is something like an ageing hotel lobby, with a look of decayed grandeur. It’s a pleasant enough effect – they got halfway to elegant at least. Of the several Senditosa outlets in Kunming, the most convenient is the one on Tongren Jie, near the central Zhengyi pedestrian shopping street. The friendly staff speak a little bit of English and the English menus have been well translated.
Address: 39 Tongren Jie Ph. (0871) 363 9698 Web: www.senditosa.com
Directions: Tongren Jie runs north of Jinbi Lu, one block east of Zhengyi pedestrian street.
Show the taxi driver: 请带我去圣地淘沙,谢谢。地址:同仁街39号。