Public Transport in Kunming

Getting Around Kunming By Taxi

Taxi is without a doubt the best way to move around Kunming. Traffic can sometimes be terrible, but it’s still much quicker than taking a public bus. As always, drivers speak no English so it’s best to have your destination written down in Chinese to show to the driver. Make use of our “Show the taxi driver” notes below every place mentioned in our guide to Kunming. It will make getting around Kunming by taxi much easier.

Taxi drivers in Kunming are generally happy to use the meter. Flagfall in Kunming is ¥8, which covers the first 3km. Each additional kilometer costs ¥1.8. Prices increase slightly after 10pm (flagfall is ¥9.6).

Getting Around Kunming By Bus

Trying to decipher the bus system is probably more hassle than it’s worth. But those determined to take public transport will pay ¥1 per trip on a public bus throughout Kunming. Some useful buses include #3 which runs from the main train station past the main bus station to the city center (Jinbi Square), while buses #52 and #67 go from the city center to Kunming Airport. See our Kunming Sightseeing Guide for bus routes to Kunming’s attractions.

Getting Around Kunming By Foot and Bicycle

Although more manageable than other major cities in China, Kunming is still a little too spread out to cover on foot (though walking is fine for navigating the center). Hiring a bicycle (prices start as low as ¥10 per day) is an all right option. But even though Kunming is fairly relaxed, you will still need to contend with sometimes chaotic traffic. Bikes can be rented from any of the budget options in the accommodation section.