Black Dragon Pool Park

This park should be boycotted until they stop practicing discriminatory admission policies. If you stand and watch people entering, you’ll notice that they allow Chinese people to enter for free while all foreigners need to pay. The staff claim this is because ‘Naxi people’ or ‘Lijiang residents’ (depending which one you ask) don’t have to pay, but it is clear that tourists from all over China are entering for free while only foreigners are asked to pay. There’s nothing much to see inside anyway, and it’s definitely not worth the exorbitant admission price. The highlight is a marble bridge across the Black Dragon Pool. The view of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain from the park is considered ‘one of finest views of all China’ or something along those lines. There are also a couple of pavilions and the usual Chinese park stuff. The park is also known as Jade Spring Park (玉泉公园).

Admission: ¥80 (or show your receipt for the Old Town Preservation fee). Open: 7am-7pm.

Directions: Black Dragon Pool Park is just north of the Old Town, at the end of Xin Dajie. It will cost only the flagfall in a taxi from the water wheel or you can walk there in a little over 10 minutes.