Lion Hill Park (Wanggu Tower)

This park on Lion Hill serves up the best views of Lijiang’s Old Town you will find. At the peak of the hill stands Wanggu Tower, a 22 meter, five storey pavilion that’s claim to fame is that it uses some of the longest wooden beams of any such structure in China. Recently constructed specifically as a tourist attraction, it’s not a bad looking building. And from the top floor you will have panoramic views of both Dayan Old Town and the new town of Lijiang. Wanggu Tower and Lion Hill Park might not be anything out of the ordinary, but they’re worth visiting for the great views of the area.

Admission: ¥15. Open: 8am-6pm.

Directions: Take the stairs at the north-west corner of Sifang Jie which wind their way up Lion Hill. After a while you will see signs to Lion Hill Park.