Tiger Leaping Gorge Trek and Hike Guide

Information about visiting Tiger Leaping Gorge

An introduction to Tiger Leaping Gorge. A description of the wonders of the gorge – its geography, location and features. Advice on choosing between making a quick visit to the gorge or doing a trek… (Read More…)

Hiking Trails
The various options for trekking Tiger Leaping Gorge. The most common routes taken by hikers, the difference between the high and low trails, and possibilities for extending the hike beyond the standard route… (Read More…)

The Main Route
A detailed description of the main hiking trail. Here you will find a blow by blow account of the trek from Qiaotou to Walnut Garden, listing the landmarks you will pass on the way as well as distances and walking times… (Read More…)

Safety and Difficulty
A lot of information sources make the trek out to be much more challenging than it really is. Young and fit people won’t even break a sweat. Less fit people will need to stop regularly to catch their breath… (Read More…)

When to Visit
Information about weather at Tiger Leaping Gorge and how it can affect your visit. Lists the pros and cons of visiting at various times of the year and how to find out about the conditions… (Read More…)

Getting There
Information on getting to and from Tiger Leaping Gorge. Includes details on buses to and from Lijiang and Zhongdian as well as private transport alternatives… (Read More…)

Information about the various guesthouses at Tiger Leaping Gorge and recommendations on the best places to stay as well as places to stop for food or seek advice… (Read More…)

A sketch map of the Tiger Leaping Gorge trek with landmarks and approximate walking times for each section of the hike… (Read More…)