Accommodation at Tiger Leaping Gorge

Where to stay depends on what time you start the trek and how far you want to walk in one day. It’s a good idea to support the Naxi Family Guesthouse and Sean’s Guesthouse if possible as they put out helpful information about the hike (their trek maps circulate through cafes in Lijiang). Sean’s Guesthouse also has a very helpful website ( Tea Horse Guesthouse is a logical choice as it is right at the halfway mark.

You don’t need to book accommodation in advance. But at the height of peak season when rooms are a bit more scarce, you might want to aim to spend the night either in Bendiwan, near Tina’s, or at Walnut Garden as there are numerous guesthouses clustered in these areas.

Average prices are ¥100-¥150 for a double or twin room with private bathroom while dorm beds (when available) start at ¥20.