Lijiang Arrival and Departure:
Transport To and From Lijiang

By Air – Flying to Lijiang

If Lijiang is your only real stop in Yunnan Province then it’s best to arrive by plane – it’s a long distance from anywhere else. But if you’re also visiting Kunming and/or Dali, then it’s just as easy to reach Lijiang by bus.

Lijiang Airport (丽江机场)
Lijiang has only a small airport that services a limited number of destinations. It’s located a fair distance from the Old Town (about 25km to the east), but there’s hardly any traffic on the road to the airport so it’s usually a clear run of about 30 minutes. There’s nothing much to speak of in terms of facilities at the airport. Indeed, Lijiang Airport is most notable for its bizarre security procedures which require passengers to remove belts before going through the metal detectors.

To and from Lijiang there are numerous direct daily flights to Kunming and Chengdu and a couple of flights each day to Chongqing and Shenzhen. Lijiang can also be reached from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Xian with a stopover in Kunming (the stopover generally requires passengers to leave the plane for 30 minutes or so at Kunming Airport).

Lijiang Airport’s website (Chinese only):

Transport to and from Lijiang Airport

By Bus: Buses depart from Lijiang Airport to the city from right outside departures. Buses are supposed to leave shortly after each arrival. The fare is ¥15. The bus terminates at the Civil Aviation Ticket Office at the corner of Fuhui Lu and Shangrila Dadao. From there it is a ¥8-10 taxi fare to the Old Town.

By Taxi: There’s a taxi rank right outside arrivals. The fare to the old town should be around ¥70-80.

Travelling to and From Lijiang By Bus

Lijiang has a few bus stations, but these days you will most likely arrive to and depart from the New Bus Station (丽江新客运站), located on Kangzhong Lu in the south-east of the Old Town. It’s about ¥7-8 taxi fare to the Old Town from here.

From the Lijiang New Bus Station there are regular buses to Dali (about 4 hours; ¥35-50), morning buses to Kunming (8-10 hours; about ¥180-200) and overnight sleeper buses to Kunming (8-10 hours; ¥150 and up). There are also buses to Jinhong and destinations in Sichuan Province as far away as Chengdu. Buses leave for Zhongdian (Shangri-La) every hour or so until 5pm (about 4 hours journey). And there are even more frequent buses to Qiaotou for the start of the Tiger Leaping Gorge trek (just under 2 hours; ¥14).

Traveling To and From Lijiang By Train

The Lijiang East Train Station is located about 5km east of the Old Town. There are two trains per day between Kunming and Lijiang. One leaves Lijiang in the morning around 10am, and there is an overnight service departing around 10pm. The journey takes about 10 hours.