Public Transport in Lijiang

Getting Around Lijiang By Foot

Cars are not allowed in to the Lijiang Old Town, so when exploring this area your only real option is to walk. And, indeed, wandering the beautiful streets and alleys of the old town is the main attraction of Lijiang. However, you will need to take taxis or buses to reach the attractions outside this area.

Getting Around Lijiang By Taxi

Taxis are very easy to come by in Lijiang and are by far the most convenient way to get around. As an alternative to flagging down taxis on the street, many guesthouses and hotels in Lijiang will arrange drivers for very reasonable prices.

Taxi drivers in Lijiang are generally happy to work on the meter, though sometimes will try to negotiate a price. They generally speak no English so it’s best to have your destination written down in Chinese to show to the driver. Make use of our “Show the taxi driver” notes beneath every place mentioned in our guide. It will make getting around Lijiang by taxi much easier. Flagfall in Lijiang is ¥7 (or ¥6 for the older taxis), which covers the first 3km. Each additional kilometer costs ¥1.8 (or ¥1.6 for the older cars). Prices increase slightly at night and the rate per km goes up for long journeys.

Getting Around Lijiang By Bus

Buses to places such as Shuhe Old Town, Baisha and Yulong Snow Mountain can be caught from the small bus station on Xin Dajie, near the statue of Chairman Mao. To get there, turn to the right as you head out of the Old Town from the Water Wheel and go straight.

Getting Around Lijiang By Bike

Many guesthouses and traveler cafes in Lijiang will rent bicycles for around ¥20 per day. And this is probably to best way to visit places like Shuhe Old Town, Baisha and other towns surrounding Lijiang.