Jiming Temple

This unassuming temple, almost tucked away just inside the City Walls along the southern wall of Xuanwu Lake, is one of the nicest attractions in Nanjing. A colorful cluster of buildings built on a hill with a 7-storey pagoda as its centerpiece, the Jiming Temple dates way back to 300AD (Eastern Jin Dynasty). Its history from that time is one of continuous name changes, destruction and rebuilding. It was last destroyed only several decades ago and rebuilt in 1981. But the newness of the buildings here doesn’t destroy the wonderful atmosphere the place has. And there are some lovely views of Xuanwu Lake from the top of the pagoda.

Admission: ¥5 (another ¥5 to climb the pagoda). Open: 8-17.

Directions: The Jiming Temple is just inside and a little east of Jiefang Gate. It’s best to head here by taxi (or on foot) and combine your visit with a trip to the top of the City Walls at Jiefang gate or to Xuanwu Lake.

Show the taxi driver: 请带我去鸡鸣寺, 谢谢。 (Please take me to Jiming Temple. Thank you.)